Write For Us

We’re always looking for new and unique points of view here at Renegade Revolution. From interesting experiences and nuggets of information, to the voices of geekdom lesser heard, we want the geek world to know about it all!


Guest writers.

We’re always open to guest writer requests. As a guest writer you must have a clear pitch for an article you want to write, and you are not expected to commit to a regular writing spot. If you’d like to guest write for us, please approach us on a per-article basis.

All articles must correspond to the following rules.
Please send your pitch to admin[at]renegade-revolution.com


Permanent positions.

Currently, we are seeking permanent team members who can commit to writing on a regular basis for us and spreading the word. You must aim to have a regular writing schedule and keep to it – whether this is once a week or once a month, or anything in between, is up to you. You must be able to communicate with the team fairly regularly. This is usually done through social media and email. You must have a desire to spread the word about the group, and support your fellow team members. We expect someone who enjoys writing about what they love, and who has respect for others, along with a keenness to make new friends and build networks. We’re a pretty inclusive team, and welcome people from diverse areas of geekdom. We’re a UK-based team, but you don’t need to be a UK resident to apply.

You should let us know what your areas of expertise are. We allow all our writers to write in any genre they choose, but it helps for each writer to have a focus area. It also helps greatly to know if you’re able to rapidly write news articles as and when news comes out, and if you’re able to report on events.

Currently we seek more writers in the areas of Anime, Comics, Games, Fantasy and Books.

You must also tell us a little bit about yourself, what makes you an ideal choice, and if you have previous examples of your writing, please either attach these examples or link us to them. If you’re successful you will be given a two week probation during which time you must complete your first article (regardless of the writing schedule you wish to have after this). If this is completed successfully you will be given a place on the team.

Please send us your applications to admin[at]renegade-revolution.com


We are a nonprofit organisation and do not generate any money from this website. As such, we are unable to offer payment for any work undertaken. We do aim to get press passes for those covering events, and press passes are allocated on a results-driven basis – the more you put in, the more you get out. This website is completely run and maintained by the editors outside of our full-time employment. Should we grow enough to change the profit situation, all writers will be informed.