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Renegade Revolution is a small fan-directed press dedicated to covering all aspects of geekdom, from superheroes to sci-fi, cosplay to comics, multiplayers to manga. Based primarily in the UK, it started out from a vision shared by three friends to write about our nerdy passions in ways we didn’t see other outlets do. In an industry that thrives on polarising opinion for profit, we seek a different path: one of education and exploration.

That has blossomed today into a vibrant community of writers. Renegade Revolution prides itself on the variety of its posts, from longform articles with an academic slant, to retro game analyses, exclusive interviews, coverage of local geek-themed businesses, unexpected facts about our favourite franchises, convention reports and recent news.

The Renegade Cosplay and Events team hit most UK based conventions and events, so we hope to bump into you guys and gals there. If you’re in cosplay, we may ask to take a picture for our Facebook wall, so don’t be afraid to come and say hi.


Got any questions, queries or ideas? Got a story you want to pitch, or photos you want to send in? Contact us via our Facebook page, or email admin[at]

We’re a friendly bunch, so ask away!

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Email: admin[at]