MJ Kobernus lives in the wilds of Norway. When not writing, he loves online gaming (StarCraft II, LOTV), playing guitar or riding a 1975 motorcycle, GL1000. When it comes to writing, MJ combines philosophical and spiritual elements within Fantasy, while exploring the darker side of the human psyche. He has authored many short stories, some of which appear in print or online, and has written four novels, the first of which, The Guardian - Blood in the Sand, is available on Amazon, and the second, Blood in the Snow, is due out in mid 2016. (www.amazon.co.uk/Blood-Sand-Guardian-1-Kobernus/dp/8283310070) MJ has lived off the grid in a sailboat, believes in exploring cultural diversity, and once auditioned as a guitarist for a big name band in the punk scene. He did not make it. Like Batman, MJ also has a day job, working in the Environmental field. To date, he has over 40 scientific publications relating to Health and Environment. You can check them out if you are really nerdy.

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