Michael Baker is a novelist from the northern town of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Having grown up steeped in the mysticism of his own fantasy world, it finally took shape, coalescing into a book: Counterbalance is his first novel, and the first of a trilogy that will set Baker firmly on the map as one of England's premier fantasy writers. When he isn’t exploring the recesses of his fantasy worlds, he writes, starting from an early age of seven. His works range from small 100 word stories to great epic-long adventures, his favourite genres being fantasy, science fiction and horror. He is a very avid video gamer, writing an extensive blog about his favourites in his pastime. Alongside his passion for worldbuilding, writing and gaming, he also creates fantasy maps of worlds, bringing his and other people’s creations from their minds into reality. There are several ways where people can reach me. (Please fill out all of the following as applicable) Website: Blog: https://thousandscarsblog.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Counterbalance-A-Torn-World-679482555452356/?ref=hl https://www.facebook.com/fantasyworldemporium/?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thethousandscar Amazon Author Page:http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B017GDAO3Q/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_10?ie=UTF8&text=Michael+Baker&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Michael+Baker&sort=relevancerank

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