If you’re watching this, know that you have been selected. You will be cleansed. You will confess your sins, and you will be offered atonement. Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything. We’ll come for you. Welcome, Eden’s Gate.
– John Seed

Before the release of the video game Far Cry 5, the major video game company Ubisoft released a short movie called Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s gate. The major villain, Joseph Seed, is played by Greg Bryk, who is the motion capture artist for the same character in the game. As well you can also see other villains from the “Seed family”: John, Jacob and Faith Seed. Among the rest of the cast are Kyle Galler (Nightmare on elm street), Alexis B. Santiago and Erin Manker (SWAT).

All the story takes place a couple months before the game starts, with three vloggers who travel to Hope County, Montana, to infiltrate and expose The Eden’s gate cult after several strange events and missing locals. Unfortunately, during the course of the short film, the team ends up being captured and detained by Edens Gate.

The movie is full of concepts from the game. The poisonous water in the river, used to drug the cult to induce the locals into the cult, and the choices that you have to make in the game, especially at the beginning of the game, when you attempt to arrest the leader, Joseph. The game also has a few references from the movie.
Just to the north of The Lamb of God Church (located in John’s region), you can find Steele farm.

On the side of the caravan, you can find a note that is a reference to Alex ( one of the vloggers in the movie).

The note explains about the unfortunate future of Alex and if you go in the front of the farm you can see the tortured body of the man himself.

Also spotted in the film are some of the weapons in the game: The crossbow, a few assault rifles and a baseball bat painted in the colours of the American Flag.

Overall I think Inside Edens Gate serves as a good prequel to the main game, filling in a bit of the back story, and leaving a few seeds to be found inside.


Gameplay copyright of Ubisoft.

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