Zomramen packaging

Today I present to you a variant of instant ramen I stumbled across recently. Zomramen! The packaging’s presentation, as you might expect, is embellished nicely with a zombie theme… but of course this is from Japan so a cute mascot, in this case “Zombear”, is a must.

Inside was a nice surprise, besides the noodle’s colour. I got a lovely little comic booklet full of cute illustrations, featuring Zombear and a reluctant lady.

Zombear comic

Title: ゾンべアーの夜 (Zombear’s Night)


Lady: おいっ!!この「ゾンべアーラーメン」ダイオウグソクムシが入ってるじゃねーか!!金私わねーぞっ!!(There is a giant isopod in this zombie ramen! I’m not paying for this!!)

Zombear: あっ!グソくんここにいたのかゾン。(Ah! Guso-kun was in there.)

** Guso-kun is the giant isopod


Lady: 。。。と思ったらあれっ!!( …Hang on a second!!)

グソくんのいいダシが出ててうまー!(Guso-kun’s dashi actually tastes great! )

**Dashi is the soup in ramen

Zombear: グソくんも青くまっておじゃれゾン~♫(Guso-kun is blue now, how cute~♫)

**The comic also stresses on both panel there is no actual giant isopod in the dashi soup – So don’t worry!
**Translation help courtesy of my husband, thank you!

The cooking part was fairly easy. The packet only comes with the noodles and dashi, so I decided to add my own extras, to taste. Cook for a few minutes until noodles are ready, making sure to add in the dashi when the water is hot. When everything is done cooking, add to the bowl and decorate how you wish. I tried to make my chicken and nori seaweed resemble a grave. Heh!

Cooking the Zomramen

I really wasn’t sure what I expected it to taste like. It had to be tasty, surely? Why make the flavour like it was dug-up from the graveyard, right? Well… to my relief it was pretty basic ramen in flavor and quality. Salty, but not too much. My only complaint would be that the noodles stuck together a little, however I suspect that was because I over-cooked them. All in all, fun little packet, cute comic and a tasty, blue lunch. I am not dying to eat it again, but if I did, I now know wouldn’t taste like brains.

To find out more about Zomramen and their mascot, Zombear, pop over to both their twitter and facebook pages!



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