Now, you may think that Tokyo 42 looks colourful in its geometric shapes and pixelated artwork for character close-ups. It is anything, but sweet and happy as you turn into an assassin and murder people through guns, melee weapons and explosives. And those work on enemies, but also civilians. So be careful when trying to aim and throw a grenade to take out a group of enemies or a target, because a small mishap will turn the tables on you and you will be hunted by both your enemies and the police.

Although you advertise yourself as an assassin, nothing will stop you from entering an enemy territory guns blazing. Of course, you can go through an area on pure stealth by crouching and taking enemies out with a melee weapon. And since it’s Tokyo, why not a silent, but deadly katana? The choice is entirely up to you and the game does great in giving you the freedom to take out a target any way you like. It is a shame that you cannot  take every target out with a sniper rifle as you either do not have the vantage point or your rifle is lacking in the required stats. In a way, it is a good thing as in Tokyo 42 the rule is that anyone can be taken out by a single shot. And your character is no exception.

Along with weapons, there is one ability that is extremely useful when you have been discovered and need to get away quick. With a press of a key (or button if you’re playing with a controller), your character changes appearance by consuming some energy which is indicated as the blue bar with the white lightning. It is by no means a get-out-of-jail-card for sure, but in situation where you must run away from enemies, it’ll help a lot! To help you get away or even get to your target, there is an element of platforming within the game, even if it’s not quite apparent. Why? Because you must rotate the entire map in order to see if there is a spot that you can jump onto. With a simple key/button press, the camera turns and reveals something that was previously hidden. (Fez anyone?)


Tokyo 42 is an enjoyable game that tests your wits in either stealth or bullet hell or a combination of both! The one thing I did not enjoy is the way the game makes you press the right mouse button in order to ready your gun. This sets a “focal point” where your character can move around which I found to be a bit cumbersome when I was forced into a firefight. Personally, the stealth and the use of melee in the game is more to my liking as I’m a bad shot and even worse when it comes to dodging. So I’m very glad that the game gives you that option.


Developed by SMAC Games and published by Mode 7, Tokyo 42 is out now on Steam and XB1 and out on PS4 soon.


Screenshots/images © SMAC Games; taken during personal gameplay.

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