Linked to the main game, The Final Station, this DLC (downloadable content) will set you on a different route through the story during the Second Visitation and explains a few more things that were not told in The Final Station. The first change that you will notice will be that instead of looking for a blocker code, you are now required to look for three essential items in order to proceed to the next level: Food, water and gasoline. In addition to that, the mechanic of maintaining the train and passengers is gone. Instead, you drive a car and can only take one person with you who will help you through the journey by crafting med-kits and bullets as well as heal you. With a survivor to be found in every level, each one with different healing and crafting attributes, you have to be careful who you choose as your travel companion. Do you keep the current passenger who knows a shortcut or do you forsake them for someone who has better stats in crafting or healing? The choice is entirely yours…

Although the battle system remains the same, the DLC is clever in introducing you to new enemy types. The newer ones include a zombie that crawls once it is knocked down and another spits green goop at you. And for the very first time, there are some non-zombie enemy types too. If you have played The Final Station, you know very well that materials to make bullets and med-kits are hard to come by. So trying to conserve bullets and relying on your melee attack is a must. Especially when some passengers are not great at crafting and therefore will use up more materials than others. The one downside to the battle system in the DLC is that you only have one gun as your ranged weapon as well as no mods when the main game had two guns (pistol and shotgun) and various mods for them.


Despite the shortness of the DLC, it has a lot of replay value when you’re invested in the lore of the game as each passenger has something different to tell the main character during the car rides. Due to the change of no longer needing to manage the health or hunger of a passenger, you can properly pay attention to the conversations as they were a bit difficult to keep track of in the main game. The crafting still works the same, though it is a bit fiddly at times to figure out which option is highlighted in the menu and which isn’t. There were even a couple of times where I accidentally skipped the car ride with the forward button and therefore lost the chance to heal, craft items or read the conversation.

If you’re are a fan of The Final Station, you definitely will want to get The Only Traitor DLC. The new system gives it a fresh and more relaxed feel as you’re not scrambling around to try heal a bleeding passenger or feed a starving one (though some really enjoyed it). It also gives you a new perspective on things as you encounter familiar characters as well as revisit places that you could not see as the train conductor.


Developed by DoMyBest Games and published by tinyBuild Games, The Final Station – The Only Traitor DLC is out now on Steam.
Screenshots/images © DoMyBest Games; taken during my personal gameplay.

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