The concert took place in the beautiful Central Hall – based in Westminster, London – and despite the recent attack in the vicinity that occurred a week prior to this event, the spirit and excitement of the fans were certainly not dampened by it. As expected, security was taken very seriously by the staff; who searched bags and even scanned the guests with handheld metal detectors. But once that was done with, the enjoyment of the evening could commence.

Taking our seats on the right side of the balcony, we were filled with eagerness for the concert to start. Though the seating was a bit unfortunate as the view of the big projector screen was askew for us, the organisers had set up a TV screen on each side, so that the fans on the left and right balcony section could still enjoy the footage that was played along with the orchestra music.

And then the journey down memory lane started. Each piece, whether it was a stand-alone song or a medley of the worlds and characters, was beautifully played by the orchestra accompanied by vocals and visuals. Naturally, the two main theme songs “Simple and Clean” (from Kingdom Hearts) and “Passion” (from Kingdom Hearts 2) in their orchestral arrangement were in the concert and a big delight to the attendees of the concert who clapped and cheered.

Now, the only issue that we experienced was not with the concert itself or the Central Hall staff, but with a guest. That guest who was seated behind us and two seats to the right decided that he felt comfortable enough in a concert like that to take off his shoes and put his feet (with socks on – small mercies…) on the free seat in front of him. The seats may have been small and were a woe to any tall person, but it was no excuse to take their shoes off and put them on the seat in front of them – which simply was disrespectful.

Apart from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening filled with good music and one big sense of nostalgia. Added to that the composer, Yoko Shimomura, took to the grand piano in the encore song which had everyone on the edge of their seats in hopes to catch a glimpse of her performance during the song. It was a magical end to the last stop of the European tour with the concert now moving on to other countries and cities for other fans to enjoy it.

If you like to go to the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World Tour – and check if they will be playing near you, be sure to click on the following link for information –


Photo © Hoi-yee Leung, 2017.

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