This summer’s Hyper Japan Festival will be hosted at London’s Tobacco Dock – as opposed to the previous venues of the Olympia and, prior to that, Earl’s Court.  In the past, Tobacco Dock has hosted the Hyper Japan Christmas Market, however this is a first for the Summer event.  The general layout of the venue provides a mixture of open air sections as well as dedicated covered areas for shopping, shows and other assorted attractions.  This colourful experience is certainly one for those interested in the culinary tastes, arts and culture of Japan; providing a variety of stalls, demonstrations and shows, along with the aesthetic pull of cosplayers also attending the event.

For those interested in the culture that Japan offers, Hyper Japan provides a dedicated Culture Area.  Here, stallholders exhibit products and even demonstrate performances that are part of Japanese tradition.  From gaining insight into growing and nurturing the iconic bonsai tree to planning trips over to the Land of the Rising Sun, there are many aspects that can be found here to hold the attention of interested visitors.  If you’re the hands-on type of person, keep an eye out for the J-Culture Activity Workshop, which provides dedicated sessions which physically involve those interested in traditional crafting techniques.


As always, Hyper Japan Festival will play host to Eat-Japan’s Sake Experience.  Strictly for those of drinking age, those interested are able to purchase a separate ticket (on top of the entry ticket to the Hyper Japan Festival) in order to partake in this unique tasting experience, provided by breweries and companies across Japan.  Participants are also encouraged to vote for their best sake brands, which are announced via Hyper Japan’s website after the close of the show.  We at Renegade Revolution strongly recommend purchasing tickets to the Sake Experience in advance of attending via Hyper Japan’s website in order to avoid disappointment as this event has been known to sell out quickly.


The Game & Anime Park provides attendees with numerous stalls filled with… you’ve guessed it!  Gaming and anime merchandise!  From retro to the latest products and trends, Hyper Japan Festival caters for fans of all tastes and ages.  Past events have also provided event-goers with gaming areas for those who want to kick back with friends and have a friendly few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution or Mario Kart (watch out for those blue shells!).

For the shoppers, there will more than enough stalls to sate the spending urges.  Hyper Japan Festival will be packed with various stalls selling food, gifts, merchandise and crafts, so do be sure to have a good look around.  Maps are often located around the venue, giving attendees the chance to gain their bearings and check out the event to their hearts desire.  Whilst the venue does provide cash machines – and select vendors accepting card payments – here at Renegade Revolution HQ, we would advise bringing cash in advanced of attending the event as the cash machines can build up long queues and the machines provided on site may also charge for withdrawals.


Lastly, be sure to bring your camera!  Along with special guest appearances and performances, Hyper Japan Festival also brings a pull of cosplaying attendees.  For those unfamiliar with the term ‘cosplay’, this is a form of performance art and hobby where individuals dress as characters from books, films, video games, anime, etc.  So do expect to see a wonderful display of both popular and obscure characters brought to life before you!  Please do remember that the cosplayers are also attending the show to enjoy themselves, so if you would like to take photos of them, do try to be courteous and always ask before snapping or filming away.


Renegade Revolution plan to cover this event, so if you plan on attending, do keep your eyes peeled for our team members out there!

To purchase tickets and for further information, visit the official Hyper Japan website:

Photography ©Jojo Yap-Sanderson and Scott Sanderson, 2016.

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