A Brief History of Esports [Infographic]

The exhilarating experience of a video game which gives the player a rush of sound, light, and adrenaline together has truly contributed to the rise of the eSports. Find out more with this in-depth infographic.

The exhilarating experience of a video game which gives the player a rush of sound, light, and adrenaline together has truly contributed to the rise of the eSports. These games require quick reflexes and the unshakable will to overcome a worthy opponent which is why they can be so fun to play.

Along with awesome playing experience, video games also make for excellent spectator sports. Various competitive gaming leagues organized across the globe are attracting thousands of fans and ardent online gamers because of the immense excitement and lucrative prizes.

But what caused a surge in the popularity of eSports and why millions and millions of folks tune in to watch these tournaments every year? Let’s take a look at the history and future of eSports. From an industry featuring amateurs to one attracting professional players, eSports has completely exploded in the new millennium.

The Early History of Esports

Competitive video gaming has existed almost as long as video games themselves. The earliest video game competition where gamers went head-to-head in can be dated back to 19th October 1972 which was organised at Stanford University that featured one-of-a-kind game Spacewar.

The first large-scale video game competition was held in Atari in 1980. The tournament was named Space Invaders Championship where more than 10,000 gamers participating from across the USA.

Online Esports Games

Looking back at the last few decades of eSports industry, the industry has grown at a phenomenal rate, more games are entering the marketplace and a lot of this can be attributed accessibility, computers becoming economical and internet being available in more places and at a greater speed.

The last sixteen years in particular we have witnessed the rise in professional gaming. Some of the biggest eSports games of the industry like League of Legends came into existence during this period, which today is considered the most played game worldwide.

The Future of eSports

Esports is really in its infancy and has immense potential to continue its dramatic growth. No matter how many technologically advanced games are developed at present, the games, the rules, the media, the infrastructure, everything is in rapid flux.

Consider the money involved in the present eSports industry, for instance, it is increasing massively and benefitting ardent players worldwide. With billionaire owners, billion-dollar sponsorship arrangements and multi-million dollar player salaries, eSports are assuredly going to be one of the major industries of the next century. Breakthrough technologies, VR gaming, for example, are being backed by some of the biggest game developers out there.

While the future of eSports is extremely exciting, let’s take a brief look at its history, with this infographic produced by Computer Planet.

computer-planet-esports high resolution


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