Some spoilers may be present! We don’t recommend reading unless you’ve gotten to Chapter 4 of FFXV. Click here to jump to the rest of the article.

1.) Final Fantasy 15 gets DLC overviews and some weird-ass brand tie-ins

Out of everything hinted at in the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event, the upcoming FFXV dlc got perhaps the biggest mention. The releases come in the order of Episode Gladio, Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis, and are pretty spread out throughout the year, with Gladio hitting the stores on March 28, and Prompto up next in June.


But aside from the impending emotional fallout of pretty men with hurty feelings, we also have something nobody asked for: Mighty Morphing Magitek Exosuits! They’ll be arriving later this month in the Booster Pack dlc.

magitek exosuits!

image © IGN

Also there’s what is perhaps the oddest brand tie-in ever, with Nissin releasing Final Fantasy character flavoured cup noodles. Yup, you heard that right.


image ©

Ardyn flavoured cup noodles? Seriously? I dread to think what it tastes like. (You can see the full list of flavours here, but if you haven’t played all the FF games it’s a bit spoilery).

On that note, we noticed some entertaining shenanigans that FFXV players have been getting up to, namely during the car tailing scene with our dear Chancellor.

The icing on the cake is the ‘Watch where you’re going!’ line long after the fact. And apparently some players have reported him honking the horn angrily when you do this. So if you want to give the sleazeball back some well-deserved grief, try it out yourself.


Don’t kid yourself, you all want to do this. Source:


2.) NIOH

Also on the cards this week is the release of the new action RPG Nioh, which is making pretty big waves despite playing into the white-man-becomes-samurai-legend trope. It looks like a fantastic game, and it’s pleasing to see it does the trope well (it is based on the real life account of William Adams, the first white dude to become a samurai in the 1600’s, and the origin of the trope itself) as well as surpassing the real-life events to focus on more fantastical yokai-slaying elements. Expect lots of Japanese mythology and tradition, and excellent gameplay.

3.) Overwatch Lunar New Year – Time’s running out!

The Overwatch Lunar New Year event is ending in one day, so don’t forget to pick up any themed skins you’re still missing before it ends! Personal favourites of ours are the Monkey: Journey to the West themed outfits for Winston, Roadhog, Zenyatta and Reinhardt (as Sun Wukong the Monkey King, Pigsy, Sanzang the monk, and Sandy respectively).


4.) Marvel’s LEGION

Finally, Marvel’s Legion, based on the X-men anti-hero of the same name, has just been released. Not only is it sorely needed after the debacle that was Shyamalan’s poorly executed and unempathic mental health thriller Switch, but it’s by the guy behind the new Fargo series, Noah Hawley, and it has high expectations. Catch it on the FX channel – it looks pretty damn badass, and you can see the trailer here:




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