For kids, video games are not just about passing time, it creates a turmoil of emotions within them that later leads to nostalgia. The 90s was the golden era of video games with so many gamers stepping into the world of classic games. Apart from being the classics, these games had a major influence on the gaming industry too.

If you too are from the 90s, I am sure you must have definitely played a bunch of games in the list for sure. The games may not have much in common but, once you get the controls in your hand, there is no turning back!

1.) The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening

Link from Zelda

This Nintendo game was released in 1993 as a sequel to the famous game from Nintendo, A Link to the Past to create a sense of agitation. Even though the game was built on black and white system, it managed to stir up the gamers. Link’s Awakening takes place in Koholint island rather than on the Hyrule field. The game is all about the protagonist named Link, who is in search of the eight musical instruments that can awaken the Wind Fish. On his way, he solves a number of puzzles and even fights monsters to accomplish his task. The game was later updated to colour version and re-released in 1998.

2.) Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 screenshot

No matter whether cars interest you or not, Gran Turismo 2 is just for everyone who is an enthusiastic gamer. The Gran Turismo was really a classic but, Gran Turismo 2 simply surpassed that. This play station game was released in the year 1999 by Sony. This driving game has a huge variety of cars from different manufacturers. It is very easy to understand the game but, very hard to apply your skills. A number of similar kind of games hit the market but, they could not make it to the race.

3.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic and Tails face off against Dr. Robotnik in Sonic 2

Sonic the Hedgehog was released by Sega for the Sega Genesis console. The game which was released in 1991 is a platform game with the protagonist named as Sonic. With the second release, some new moves were introduced like sidekick tails, spin dash move, etc. Here being as a Sonic, your agenda is to stop the evil agenda of Dr. Robotnik throughout the game. Here you will go through different levels as the game progresses. No doubt even today it is one of the best selling game from the Sega.

4.) Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario and Toad have a conversation in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario has always been the game changer of all time. Super Mario RPG just took it to the next level. It is a role-playing game unlike its predecessors, which were platform games. Here Mario has the ability to add new members into his team and fight against the evil named Exor. The game is quite entertaining and has some funny aspects too.

5.) Super Metroid

Samus faces terrifying opponents in Super Metroid

Super Metroid is a Nintendo game developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. The game which was released in 1994 is all about a protagonist named Samus on planet Zebes. Here the game is all about Samus trying to rescue a metroid from Ridley. As you go on playing, you will explore more abilities and weapons, which Samus can use on the fight during the game. The game is all interesting and engaging that you may end up spending hours on it.

Playstation games like resident Evil 2, Super Mario World 2, Doom and Pokemon are the few others that were equally exciting during the era. The best thing about the games is that the 90s kids will play these games with the same enthusiasm if they ever get to re-live their childhood days again.


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