What do you get the person who loves attending science fiction and comic conventions? This post is aimed at helping to make gift purchasing for the cosplay fans in your life a little easier. The following list will provide some of the quirky and most unique gift ideas for cosplay lovers. You may even find a little something for yourself.

1. Merida ‘Brave’ Wig

1. merida wig

The bright red curls of Scotland’s Princess Merida are unmistakable. Now with this replica wig, you can easily slip in to the role of the rebellious archer. Who will you cast a spell on while in character? Suitable for anyone at any age, this wig will have you feeling like the real princess you are.

image © aliexpress

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Bat’leth

2. Star Trek

Looking for the ultimate gift for the devoted Trekkie in your life? Look no further with the Klingon Bat’leth foam prop replica. Channel your inner Worf with the famous galactic sword. The Bat’leth is no match for the Klingon’s mortal enemy the Tribbles. With the Bat’Leth in the hands of any cosplayer, you are guaranteed a safe federation or at least convention.

image © thegreatescape, Ebay

3. Sleeping Beauty Dress

3. aurora sleeping beauty cosplay
Let’s face it, children are the original cosplay lovers. This Princess Aurora costume is perfect for the tiny Disney fan in your life. Available in both pink and blue, this dress is sure to awake the inner princess in your little girl. As Aurora, she can break Maleficent’s spell and find imaginary love with her very own Prince Charming.

image © aliexpress

4. Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights
4. Doctor Who String Lights
Light up your friend’s life with these TARDIS designed string lights. Any Doctor Who fan will be pleased to know these lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Measuring at nine feet long, it features ten tiny TARDIS’ on each string. Travel in time and have a party under these fun themed lights.

image © ThinkGeek

5. Rocket Raccoon Backpack Buddy

5. Rocket backpack
With the upcoming release of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ the guardians are ready to to protect once again. Let Rocket Raccoon literally have your back as you carry him around with your belongings. Rocket’s back armor unzips and allows you to store books and other items of the same shape and size. You may not be Groot, but Rocket will always have your back.

image © ThinkGeek

6. Poke Ball Cupcake Pan

6. Pokeball cupcake pan
Got a baker in your life whom also happens to love Pokemon? You’re in luck with these adorable cupcake molds. The two part set lets you create four poke ball cakes at a time, making it one of the ultimate gift ideas for cosplay lovers. You will need to use food coloring if you want that true poke ball effect. Otherwise, enjoy the poke ball shaped cupcakes regardless of how they turn out looking. They’re only going to get eaten anyway!

image © ThinkGeek

7. Game of Thrones Fully Painted Dragon
7. game of thrones painted dragon
Fans of the medieval themed award winning show will enjoy this beautifully designed and hand painted dragon. He is made to perch on your hands or fingers like a bird would. Control of the monarchy will simply be yours as no one wants to mess with a protective, pet dragon. The realistic sculpture is the ultimate prop for the Game of Thrones cosplayer.

image © RavendarkCreations on Etsy

8. Harry Potter Corset
8. Harry Potter corset
When did the dress code get so lack at Hogwarts? This women’s corset is designed to help you represent your team. Whether you are a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, wear this and you can be sure to distract the opposing team members while playing a game of Quidditch. One would certainly recall if they ever saw Hermione in one of these.

image © ThinkGeek

9. The Walking Dead Character Socks
9. walking dead socks
This list wouldn’t be complete without some love for The Walking Dead. Keep your feet warm and protected by Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, and of course a walker. This set of low cut five pairs is sure to please the ultimate Walking Dead fan in your life. Enjoy Sunday nights in style with these adorable socks.

image © The Walking Dead Official Store

10. Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

10. lightsabers
No cosplay fan’s life is complete without a replica lightsaber! It is one of the most fun gifts for nerds and everyone alike. With four sabers to choose from, you can be on either the dark or the adventurous Luke Skywalker. The lightsabers feature authentic sounds and and light from the films. This gift, though pricey, is perfect for any child or child at heart.
image © ThinkGeek

Hopefully the above gift ideas for cosplay lovers will help you in finding the perfect gift for that lovable nerd in your life. From toys to costumes, there are so many items to choose from that is guaranteed to make that particular person in your life very happy.

Luiza Kensell is a passionate writer with a great interest in everything related to gifting. On her website, tengiftideas.com, you can find the perfect gifts for every occasion.

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