Last night at Blizzcon, the new hero of Overwatch was finally released. Sombra: expert hacker and morally grey anti-hero.

During the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that Blizzard conducted prior to Sombra’s release, some images were released temporarily of a character that was though to be Sombra. It turns out these images were not false trails – the leaked images ended up being exactly what Sombra looks like:


A rundown of her abilities:

First, she’s an Offense hero with a three-star difficulty rating. Her speciality is infiltration and stealth, so expect her to be played something like Genji.

Sombra uses a short-range machine pistol, so will need to be up close to her enemies to be effective with it.

In order to get up close and personal, Sombra has two technical advantages. She can hack enemy powers, rendering them ineffective for a short period (her hacking ability can also be used on the first aid kits dotted around the map, rendering them useless), and she can use thermoptic camo to render herself invisible, allowing her to close the distance to an enemy. If you also leave a translocator beacon in a place out of the way, you can have Sombra return to that location at any point while the beacon is active. So, much like Tracer’s time-bending abilities, and Reaper’s wraith form and shadow step, it seems you can use Sombra to dive in and out of enemy territory for close-range damage dealing.

Sombra’s ultimate ability is a giant EMP bomb, which disables shields, barriers and hacks all enemies that get caught in it. Sounds like a handy hero to have on your team, in all. Heroes that rely a lot on shields and barriers, or on tech, such as Reinhardt or Torbj√∂rn, might struggle against her. Heroes that have stun or sleep abilities, like McCree or Ana, might be a good choice to go up against her, provided they can locate her first!

The Backstory:

Sombra’s story begins in Dorado, where she grew up an orphan of the Omic War. She developed amazing programming skills, and was taken in by the Los Muertos gang. She uncovered a global conspiracy, and gained the attention of Talon. However, she’s not simply one of the bad guys – she has her own motivations and ulterior motives, and seems to be using Talon for her own ends. It remains to be seen exactly what the global conspiracy is that she uncovered, and what her end goal is.

One final word – this ARG went on for too long, and solving the endless puzzles didn’t end up fruitful as we still had to wait for Blizzcon for her release. Next time, Blizzard, don’t leave us hanging like this please!

Watch the new animated short here:

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