Set in London’s Kensington’s Olympia Grand once again, which I believe to be the best venue for the event due to the open space and the second floor balcony area. The hall was decked out with stalls from vendors to food stands. There was a large, central area dedicated to Nintendo, who were showcasing the latest games. And, of course, let’s not forget the impressive stage area for the cosplay masquerade as well as performances from guests and celebrities.


As far as entertainment in July, this year we were treated to a lot of musical performances. Guests like Mayuko, Esprit D’Air, Broken Doll and BANG took to the stage and drew in a lot of the crowd from the show floor. While in the Hyper Theatre, we were treated to a rather elegant performance from the Nihon Buyo dance group. Another good thing to see was the cosplay masquerade, held on the main stage at every festival. We at Renegade HQ are never disappointed by the level of effort you guys put into your costumes and props.

A girl cosplaying as a Squirtle from Pokemon

We were very impressed by this Squirtle Squad cosplayer!

Not being the first time we’ve been to a Hyper Japan festival we kind of knew what to expect. The stalls offer a wide range of items from Japanese culture such as kimonos, hakamas, plates, tea sets and of course decorative items such as wall scrolls and the like. Lolita fashion is another major influence of the event; with other stalls catering to this and a lot of attendees dressed in various beautiful and colourful outfits.


Finally, EAT JAPAN’s food area. Personally, this was one of my most favourite places at Hyper Japan – located mostly upstairs this time, with a few stalls downstairs and a slightly smaller eating area this time – though we were not sure why as this area is always jammed packed with people getting their food on. There were many stalls selling everything from sushi and hot food like takoyaki to frozen desserts.


Overall Hyper Japan is something you don’t want to miss, and With Hyper Japan Christmas festival on its way November 25th – 27th 2016, you don’t want to miss out on tickets. Speaking of which, said tickets are available here:

We will be there. Will you?

All photos © Jojo Yap-Sanderson and Scott Sanderson

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