Another promising release from San Diego Comic Con, the first look at American Gods has mood, atmosphere and mystery aplenty.

For fans of the book, there’s a lot to be excited about with this trailer. Low Key looks fantastic, as does Mr Wednesday, and personally I find Ricky Whittle is brilliantly cast as Shadow – he looks almost exactly how I envisaged him on reading the books. I’m glad they picked someone who actually looks like how the character was written.

The atmosphere feels a lot more grown-up and dark than I expected, honestly. Although, looking at the producers involved, that’s no surprise (more on them below). Like the book’s Unnamed God savouring his peaty Laphroaig, I watched this trailer as if I was drinking a deep, dark single malt in the dusty corner of a lesser-known bar, waiting for more secrets to walk in the door. If the first episode lives up to this trailer, I get the feeling many fans of Neil Gaiman’s seminal book will be immensely satisfied.

Produced by Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal fame) and Michael Green (writer of Heroes and Green Lantern), the American Gods series will premiere on the Starz cable network. The first episode will be titled ‘The Bone Orchard’. We’ll have more as we hear it – but until then, enjoy the spectacle of the first trailer.


images © Starz

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