Twenty five years is a good run for a hedgehog, and this one is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, if anything, Sonic’s latest game offerings are a shot of hope in the darkness after years of less-than-spectacular releases.

To tie in with San Diego Comic Con last week, SEGA celebrated Sonic’s twenty fifth anniversary at a special event in the illustrious House of Blues, and it was a night of music, with live performances by rockers and Sonic theme composers Johnny Gioeli and Jun Senoue, and two new trailer drops!

The first trailer is for Sonic Mania, a 2d side scroller in the fashion of the Nineties originals. It’s pure nostalgia and is a lovely idea! If you grew up with the older Sonic games, watching this trailer might make your heart melt a little.

The second trailer, simply titles ‘Project Sonic 2017’, puts Sonic in a darker, 3D environment, with a more Sonic Adventure era feel, some gnarly death egg robots destroying a city (is that Station Square!?) and some hints of Freedom Fighter stuff going on (‘Join the Resistance’ being mentioned in the trailer). The appearance of Retro Sonic alongside Modern Sonic makes me wonder if this is a sequel to Sonic Generations, the last great game Sonic Team produced. Or perhaps the long-lusted-after Sonic Adventure 3? Either way, it certainly looks interesting!

This is fantastic news, as the hype leading up to this only hinted at one new game for 2017. SEGA and Sonic Team are treating us with both retro sweetness and hints of badass action. We’ll be hearing more as 2017 approaches, but we’re really holding out for this being a killer double-release. Now all this needs is a soundtrack by Crush40 (Gioeli and Senoue) and it will be a total KO. Sonic Team, you truly have our attention!


images © Sonic Team

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