After the events of the first game, this iteration is set in the bay area of San Francisco. Having recently had the updated ctOS 2.0 surveillance system installed across the city, it leads to a rise of “Hacktivist” groups in the area.

One of said groups is the local version of DedSec, the group mentioned in the original Watch Dogs. In WD2 you play as Marcus Holloway, a local citizen who was incorrectly profiled by the ctOS 2.0 system for a crime he didn’t commit, and seems like a much more likeable character than Aiden Pearce and his one-man mope fest from the last game.


Our first look at Marcus Holloway, Watch Dogs 2’s main Protagonist.

Among Marcus’s arsenal is a series of 3D printed guns and tasers for a non-lethal approach to missions, and an array of various drones made for recon and remote hacking. Races with the aerial quadcopter were also shown in today’s reveal stream.

Ubisoft Montreal has taken a large look at movement in this iteration, stating that Marcus is far more agile than Aiden, with a more fluid parkour system, utilising flips and wall runs to help traverse the city. Driving has also seen a huge overhaul, with each vehicle feeling different to control, from grippy family cars, to drifty sports cars and motorbikes.


The game is set for release on November 15th this year, and with more set to be unveiled at Ubisoft’s press conference during  E3 next Monday night, let’s see if Watch Dogs 2 can redeem the series after the critical response from the first.


images © Ubisoft

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