The Tales series is known for its fusion of traditional anime sequences alongside its gameplay. It’s such an integral part of Tales games that in the past, many titles have gained their own anime spin-offs. And the most recent one to deserve this treatment is last year’s release, Tales of Zestiria, which follows the journey of Sorey, a human with the ability to converse with the Seraphim, who gains the legendary power of the Shepherd and is tasked with putting an end to the Age of Chaos that ravages his world. The anime will be known as ‘Tales of Zestiria the X’ (pronounced the cross’).

There’s already been a short Zestiria OVA called Doushi no Yoake, and since then the project for a whole series has been greenlit. At last year’s Tales of Expo it was announced (check out the trailer below), so it’s been known about for a while – but recently the official site has updated its pages to reflect an imminent summer release.

The Zestiria anime is on its way, folks, so prepare for some class-act battling between the Shepherd, the Seraphim and the corrupted Hellions!


main image © ufotable

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