EDIT: This game has been cancelled! It seems the studio have fallen foul of French law regarding unpaid internships. If you’ve backed the project you may want to check up on this.

Imagine the world of Inao – an island where humans and spirits once lived in harmony, and gorgeous animals soar amidst beautiful landscapes. But the divide that has grown between humans and spirits has caused fear and disharmony, and it’s up to a young apprentice Priestess to put things right.

Flying whales? Yes please!

Flying whales? Yes please!

This young apprentice is Lynn, and she is your avatar. Your task in this 2d platformer is to join forces with a mischievous demon and find the cause of the schism.

Bloomylight Studios have cited their love for Studio Ghibli as a major influence in this game, and that much is clear from the art design. Furthermore, on their Kickstarter description they have stated the game will be a platformer in the spirit of the SNES and Genesis era, with a progression system reminiscent of games like Metroid. There’s a cute night/day game mechanic, which we’ve recently seen other upcoming games such as Final Fantasy XV utilise – although¬†for Lynn’s case it is hinted that there are some puzzles that can only be completed on manipulating the cycle.

Check out the trailer:

Everything about this game seems utterly charming, however as it’s still in development, it remains to be seen how engaging the gameplay will be. For now, we still have 10 days to back this game on Kickstarter, and hopefully we’ll see this game coming to Steam soon!

images © Bloomylight Studios (sourced from the Kickstarter page)

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