If you’ve played some old school classics like Diner Dash then you’ll be right at home with Overcooked. The main aim of the game is to serve the dishes that come up on the top of the screen. Along with you is  your team of up to 3 other chefs, and it is up to you to get all the ingredients from various boxes around the kitchen, prepare and cook them correctly, ready to be served to the customers. Although in this kitchen, the map is always moving. One moment the cooker is on the left side of the kitchen, the next it’s hopped up and moving to the right, forcing you to change your approach to the dishes.

Some of the maps take this to the extreme, with earthquakes splitting the map in two, with others on moving trucks, meaning you have to communicate well with your team to coordinate jobs.


Speaking to developer Ollie De Vine about his inspiration for the game he said, ”Me and Phil (Duncan, Artist at Ghost Town Games) used to play a lot of local co-op games during our time at Frontier Developments, and we were looking for the sort of cooperation where everyone has something to do at all times rather than a race to get to the content faster, and cooking seemed to be an easy access to that”

Speaking on the ease of access for the game, controlling the characters is a very simple two button affair, with one button to pick up the food, and one to perform an action, with joysticks to move. “Part of the reason for the choice to keep it simple was the accessibility to non-gamers and gamers alike, but the other was to have split pad mode, where you can control 2 players with one pad, which opens up for disabled players to play easier.”


Speaking on some of the difficulties when developing the game, Ollie mentioned that in play testing at conventions, people kept throwing away the fire extinguisher, which led to fires getting out of control, so they added a respawn timer to it. Also people tended to lean towards doing the simpler recipes, so they cut out some of the more complex ones to focus more on the environment shifting dynamic instead.  

Overcooked is sheduled for realease in Late Spring / Early Summer this year on PC, PS$ and Xbox One, and you can check out http://www.ghosttowngames.com/overcooked for more details on the project.
All images from The Overcooked website

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