Whatever the reason for people’s attendance – whether it be a crusade to get their hands on precious back issues or hard to come by merchandise, or maybe just to soak up the atmosphere dressed up as their favourite characters – there was a steady stream of enthusiast con-goers pouring into the Excel throughout both days.


There were a few other conventions occurring at the same time as the Comic Con, and I’m sure there were plenty of surprised faces from attendees from the others events, which included a car show and a mother and baby event. Though, from what I saw, a lot of people unfamiliar with comic convention culture were entertained by the cosplayers, who add to the experience tenfold. As someone who went in costume both days, it can be a nice icebreaker with fellow fans and help you connect with new people. I was asked by someone who was attending another of the events why I dressed up, as they couldn’t quite understand why people would do so. I told them it was a form of escapism and homage to the respective things they love; plus, someone else I was with explained it a lot better than me by saying it was relatively the same as people walking around with clothing with logos supporting brands or football teams etc… It was explanation enough to have someone unfamiliar with the hobby show some understanding from different perspectives.

The event itself was situated across halls S9 – S10, and I was very happy to find that there was next to no trouble with entering and exiting the event on either day, something I’d experienced at bigger conventions. Even though it was indicated on their map that S10 was the entrance and S9 the exit, in the end, this wasn’t strictly adhered to and you could come and go via either end, which turned out to work fine as there wasn’t any excessive crowding. Ticket collection was also well regulated even at busy times, and the front staff members were very polite and amiable, even when it came to any issues cropping up. And on a side note, one of the staff members kept the lines rolling with an almost game show-like presenter tone to call people over – just seemed to stick with me how both funny and efficient this was.


The convention itself, compared to previous years – and this writer attended LSCC in both 2013 and 2014 – was a lot smaller than expected. There were a few people I spoke to who were a little disappointed that were less stalls and such compared to years gone by. For me, the size wasn’t too much of an issue, though I can understand if regular attendees felt a little short-changed in some respects. LSCC isn’t as big as other comic cons that take place in London, and the fact it wasn’t so busy made it much more bearable to walk around.

While I found the convention itself not too much of a challenge to walk around, the concourse was busy with so many events going on at once. One of my minor complaints would be that the Excel had too many events going on at one time and made it a little big congested outside of the respective event halls. There were also some instances of rudeness from attendees of other events towards cosplayers in areas around the concourse, mostly due to disapproval over what some deemed inappropriate costumes in a public area. I’m sure many will have quite the discussion of what could be deemed inappropriate to be worn in such an environment, aside, I didn’t come across anyone in particular dressed up in questionable or risqué attire for the event.


LSCC was a very leisurely weekend, and while I’m sure many found that one day was probably enough for attendance for its size, it did have a good atmosphere throughout and there was plenty to entertain every one of all ages. I’ll certainly be returning to attend the event in 2017, and I hope many of you who may have missed out on it this year will think about doing so for the next one!

Please check out some of our photos taken over the LSCC 2016 weekend: Renegade Revolution LSCC 2016 Photography

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