Margaret Atwood’s move from novels to graphic novels was always going to be a surprise as far as creativity was concerned. In the literary world, she is known for tackling subjects such as feminism, societal issues and climate change with unabashed ingenuity. The MaddAddam trilogy, the Handmaid’s Tale, The Penelopiad for example. And not to forget her contribution to the Future Library Project: a book called Scribbler Moon that will not be released until 2114. So, what follows figures.

The title of the graphic novel is Angel Catbird, and it’s a nicely whimsical name, but it also is quite literal. The titular superhero character gets entangled with a cat and an owl, and with the addition of a genetic Super-Splicer, becomes Angel Catbird.

“Margaret Atwood has created a bold and unforgettable new character, paying homage to both classic pulp heroes and traditional comic book origin stories.”  ~ Mike Richardson (DH publisher)

Full cover artwork for Angel Catbird, featuring a man with owl wings, a cat-owl face and a cat's tail

The full cover artwork

The story will comprise three volumes, each priced at USD $10.99 (no UK prices yet). It comes with the added benefit of being produced in association with Nature Canada, and will coincide with a campaign initiative to… yup, you guessed it, save cats and birds.

Johnnie Christmas is on board as the artist. He has previously co-created the comics series Sheltered, and sci-fi series Pisces.

Angel Catbird sounds like the kind of crazy concoction that might be following on from the success of other comics like Ryan North’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. At any rate, we’ll be interested to see what comes of this. Mad literary genius and cat-bird-people sounds like a fantastic combination!

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