The aim of the game is to die a hero – let’s make it clear that nobody comes out of this battle alive! But don’t be fooled by the fatalistic aim of the game; it’s designed to be a way for family and friends to get together and enjoy some light-hearted competition.

It’s a card game that sees all players pitched against the forces of darkness in an all-out end-times brawl, and in order to increase your kill count you simply play the cards in your hand. Special cards are needed to use weaponry, some can be used to hinder your fellow players, and others even allow you to return from the dead to continue on your berserker warpath. The first player to claim 100 kills wins.

A peek at some of the beautifully-illustrated cards

A peek at some of the beautifully-illustrated cards

The mechanics are simple enough but they allow for an entertaining battle. The characters, illustrated by Katherine Khudiakova, are absolutely adorable chibi creations, and one thing is abundantly clear – the game has a lot of spirit, and packs a hell of a punch!

Eternal Glory has got one week left on Kickstarter before it moves into mass production. If you find it as charming as we did, why not go and check it out?


We have previously interviewed Lewis Terry of Twin Sword Trading on his digital impressionism work here at Renegade Revolution.

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