The Christmas Market is taking place at the Tobacco Dock venue in London from 27th to 29th November 2015. As this is a completely new location for me, I’m really interested to see what the venue is like and how it complements the overall event.

The 2014 Christmas Market took place at the Olympia Conference Centre, and was bright and cosy, though for me it wasn’t atmospherically on par with the set up they’d had for the 2014 summer event at the dearly missed Earls Court. This year’s summer event, ‘Hyper Japan Festival’, took place at the O2 Arena, and while there were many aspects to enjoy, its disjointed layout completely wiped out the overall atmosphere.


But this shouldn’t deter! Hyper Japan is an event with so much to engage with – from the guest singers and musicians taking over the main stage, to the vast array of stalls offering a wide variety of hard to find merchandise and traditional Japanese cuisine.

So, what things can we look forward to seeing over the three day event?

Love unique music? You can’t get more unique than a band blending the sweet and hyper tones of two Japanese girls with the guttural roars of heavy metal. You’re not experienced anything truly like what ‘LADY BABY’ has to offer with their dubbed ‘Kawaiicore’ style. But it isn’t just the original sounds that will have you glued to the stage. I guarantee you’ll be all eyes on their frontman, the unmissable ‘Ladybeard’. He’s a broad-built, hairy, cross-dressing wrestler and heavy metal singer! He’s something of an amazing spectacle, likely not to be forgotten. Some might be surprised, but he actually does pull off ‘girly cuteness’ in his own unique way! And he always has fabulous make up, putting many a girl to shame! I for one certainly can’t wait to see ‘LADY BABY’ perform in the flesh!


There are plenty of distinctive workshops being held at the event, including the charming ‘Festive Macarons with Supercute Macarons’, which will teach you how to make your own holiday inspired fanciful macarons as an alternate sweet treat to the traditional mince pies. I’m personally interested by this as I don’t like most of the traditional Christmas puddings, and would love to learn how to make them! (Please be aware that an extra fee maybe required for taking part in this workshop)

There is also the ‘Decorative Sushi’ workshop to demonstrate how to make ‘kazari’ sushi – a fantastic and clever way of creating artful sushi with precisely placed ingredients, that when rolled up, depict a special character or design! Ever wanted to create more flamboyant sushi? This might be the workshop to inspire many a budding culinary artist to wow at a party, or maybe just impress the family!


There are many fantastic exhibitors who will be in attendance; many are a welcome return from previous Hyper Japan events, as well as new faces with much to offer – some of these include: DREAMY BOWS, AOI Clothing, Clover Lee, Genki Gear, The Naked Lace Company, NHK WORLD, TOFU CUTE, plus many, many more! Hyper Japan is a recommended event for all your Japanophiles out there who want a little taste of Japan without the expensive plane ride.
If you’re thinking of attending, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets online ahead of time so you don’t miss out. Tickets on the door will only be available as long as the session/day doesn’t sell out prior – though, it’s also worth noting that door prices are a little bit more expensive than the online prices. Please be aware at the time of this article, Saturday tickets are now limited and may sell out before the event. With these things in mind, this should make it more of an incentive to pre-purchase your tickets and any other extras – like the Sushi Awards and the Sake Cocktail Awards – before heading out to the event.


Renegade Revolution will be in attendance to document the event. We hope to see many of you there, and if you happen to be in cosplay, be sure to let us snap your picture for our Facebook page!

The Tobacco Dock is located 5 minutes walk from Shadwell DLR & Overground stops. There is parking available, though will require pre-booking as spaces are limited.

(Some images are from ‘Hyper Japan Festival’ July 2015)

Please visit Hyper Japan’s official website for full information and to buy tickets: Hyper Japan Main Site

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