Available on: PC

Developed by: Ground Shatter / Endemol Shine UK

Published by: Green Man Loaded / Endemol Shine UK

Release date: 2/10/2015


With its feudal Japanese setting, Black and White Bushido plays with the motif of Light Vs Shadow. 2-4 players compete in one of three game modes: Death-match, Capture the flag and a co-operative challenge mode. With it’s simple controls, basic power-ups and evolving maps, Bushido is very easy to pick up, yet takes its time to master.


One of the main gameplay elements is the ever changing contrast of light in the levels. Whenever a player scores a point, or if it has gone a long time since a point, the balance between light and shadow on the map changes. This means that players can hide easier in their own colour, introducing a stealth aspect to an otherwise chaotic game.


With an art style based on ancient Japanese calligraphy, the five maps are full of lovely looking brush strokes, while maintaining its monochrome direction, along with the amazingly fluid animation leads to some great gameplay moments. Some basic power-ups litter the maps, with a throwing star, floor spikes and teleporting smoke bombs, clever use of these can make or break a game, although the smoke bombs can be quite hard to execute properly, with the animation sometimes cancelling mid channel, which is hard to see if you’re stealth-ed in the background.


The single player challenge mode can get quite hectic after a while, because when you finish one of the challenges, it adds another AI to compete against, so after eight rounds, you could have up to eight AI people after your head. The four player death-match can be played with AI, although it is measurably better with a real person, as the AI difficulty cannot be changed, so after a while you can guess the patterns.


Altogether, Black and White Bushido is a great game to play with friends, that takes a simple concept and turns it into a chaotic brawler, with a few tweaks could be a fantastic game.
Pro con BWB


I give This game an 8/10




A review copy of the game was obtained from the developers – Ground Shatter / Endemol Shine UK – free of charge. My thoughts and opinions are however totally my own.

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