So how does it feel to break 1 million subscribers?
Jane: Very rewarding.

Andy: It’s super rewarding. It’s more of a physiological barrier though, you’re constantly pushing to get to the 1 million subs, then when it happens you’re like “Ok now let’s keep going. Let’s see how far we can go”. Its that big round number that’s really nice to see on your channel.


What’s the best game you’ve seen on the show floor today?

J: We’ve just played SuperHot, we’ve seen it around but we’ve never sat down and played it, and it’s really fun.

A:  We were down on the Indie Megabooth earlier and played a game called Lumo which looked fun. It reminded me of the old isometric Amega games. There’s also a lot of AAA games on the floor as well.

J: There’s Star Wars Battlefront on the floor with their life sized Tie-fighter, that’s really cool.

A: Just Cause 3 is playable for the 1st time today, and that’s super fun and definitely one to check out.


What’s your favourite video that you’ve put out with Outside Xbox?


A: I always like Janes’ video on the quantum mechanics behind Bioshock Infinite. I thought that was excellent. I thought that getting someone who understands quantum physics to explain the quantum mechanics in the game was very educational, for me anyway, because I didn’t understand any of it!


J: It was very validating as well! My parents were very impressed that I busted out some quantum knowledge on the channel.

I’m really happy with everything we put out, to be honest. It may seem a very diplomatic answer, but every week we put out something, and we don’t publish it until we’re happy with it. We do a lot of revisions, and we try our hardest to be perfectionists, and so every week we put out something we’re proud of, which is a really nice feeling.


With the rise of Twitch and Youtube in recent years, do you feel like it could stand alongside traditional media?


A: I think it already is for a lot of people. You get people who get instead of turning on the TV when they get home from school or work, they’ll go to Youtube and check into their subscriptions box to see what’s new. I feel it has a more unpredictable nature, where you’re not always sure what’s going to be uploaded, and I like that surprise factor that it offers over regular televised content.

OX unox

The OX Team unboxing their 1 Million Plaque on their Channel.

 What are you looking forward to in the next year in the games industry?


J: Games in general I’m quite looking forward to Rise of The Tomb Raider. Andy has played more than I have at this point, but the reports are good, I’m quite excited for that. I’ve been playing the Xbox One version of the first one, the reboot, to get myself psyched for it.


A: It’s very similar to the recent reboot, but I was happy with that, so I’m looking forward to more. I was quite taken by Assassins Creed: Syndicate to be honest, because I wasn’t a huge fan of Unity. But it feels like they’ve addressed a lot of issues I had with Unity, and it looks like a step in the right direction for the franchise. I think a lot of the stuff towards VR is going to be interesting, because a lot of companies are coming out with different versions of VR, so that’s going to be interesting to see what does well and what people think is the stand out headset.


J: The hot ticket right now is the HTC Vive, which we haven’t had a chance to try, but Mike has and he was very impressed with it.


Are there any words of advice you would give to anyone just starting out in video creation?


J: It’s not a very sexy answer, but it’s just be persistent. We’ve had a lot of support to be persistent, and we’re very grateful for that. it is difficult to maintain, especially in the early days, when you don’t see the pay-off at the volume you will later on, but it really is the key.    


A: Absolutely! When we first started we were working as hard as we are now, but every video was only getting a few hundred views, and it’s quite dispiriting at first to be putting in all that hard work and not seeing much reward in terms of views. But like Jane says it’s persistence but it’s also consistency, putting out stuff on a regular basis, so people know when videos are going to be uploaded, so they can come back and see more,  and that they’re not going to come back to an empty, abandoned channel, I think that’s really important. So just keep at it and don’t be discouraged at first when it isn’t immediately successful.


Well Congratulations on the 1 Million Subs, and thank you very much.

J: Thank you.


You can check out the Outside Xbox team on, and on twitter @OutsideXbox

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