Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. released their second trailer for next years blockbuster Batman Vs Superman. Full of action and revels of new characters, the trailer also had a few hidden secrets and Easter eggs for the larger DC universe.


Is the child is Carrie Kelley?

During the opening sequence we see Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne running towards a collapsing Wayne Tower. Set during the end sequence of Man of Steel, could this mean that Bruce was in Metropolis at the time of Zod’s attack, or is Gotham that close, that the fight spilled over.

The interesting part of this is the child Bruce is seen holding at the end. It is well known that BvS is heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so could this child be Carrie Kelley?


Could this child tun out to be the first female Robin?

Carrie Kelley was the successor to that universe’s Jason Todd, and was the first ever cannon female Robin. Could Bruce place this child under his wing and train her to fight back against superman?


Jason Todd suit

Later on we see what looks to be a smaller armour in a display case in the Batcave. Could this be the Robin Armour worn by Jason Todd? Jason was the 2nd Robin after Dick Grayson went on to become Nightwing. Jason was beaten to death by the Joker in the Death in the Family storyline.

He was later revived by Ra’s al Gul, and became the mentally unstable anti-hero Red Hood.

todd armour

The Robin “R” can be seen in the top right of the chest. 

Is this the same armour that was worn by Jason at the time of his death, kept by Bruce as a reminder as what he has deemed his only failure? Or was it Dicks’ suit, later to be defaced by the Joker?




Near the midpoint of the trailer we see Batman coming out of a hatch in the ground, leading to a desert setting, with some run down Greek style ruins in the background. Could this be Themyscira, The home world of Wonder Women?


Is this door the entrance to Themyscira?

The ruins seen in the background of the shot seem half destroyed, so could the conflict have run over into Themyscira, and that’s how Gal Gadot’s Wonder Women joins the fight, to protect her kingdom? Or could she have been persuaded by Superman, given that we see Batman being arrested by armed guards in the same dessert setting.



Zod’s Body

One of the large reveals in the trailer was that Lex Luthor has the body of General Zod, as well as a rather large lump of green kryptonite. A few teasers in Man of Steel show that Lexcorp is already a large powerhouse in this universe, so Lex’s could easily have pulled some strings to obtain his body. But what are his goals? is it just to experiment the effects of the kryptonite on Zod, or is it to study the physiology, so to better understand Superman, and perhaps control him, as seen later on with Superman kneeling to Lex.

Krytonite zod

My Precious…….” 


Superman troops

If you look closely on the shoulders of the troops arresting Batman in the desert, they have the logo of Superman upon them. Could Lex be starting a private army lead by superman, as stated by his rather creepy “Here come the Red Capes” line at the trailers end. Could these “Red Capes” be the name of his army?


Kneel before Supe’s

In the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman lost control after the death of Lois, and realised that humanity was below him, so decided to rule them instead of trying to protect them, and thus started the Regime, an army of his own, of which these soldiers seem to bear a heavy resemblance to, and even bowing to him as he walks past them.



Multiple batsuits.

It seems that Bruce has been preparing for multiple situations in his years in the cowl. We see at least 3 different suits in the trailer, from the classic suit and the armoured suit seen in the last trailer. New to this footage is the desert suit, that seems to feature a duster like cape and sand goggles. Could he have already been to Themyscira, and thus built this suit afterwards?


Regular                                              Armoured                                      Desert

What little details did you notice in the trailer? Sound out in the comments below.

Batman Vs Superman comes out 25th of March 2016.


All images from Warner Brothers


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