The first time I met and spoke to ‘AngelicLight’, the talented young lady behind ‘Le Petit Four’, it was at last summer’s Hyper Japan event. She featured as one of the artists in my exhibitors spotlight for the Friday review. You can check this and the event review here: Hyper Japan July 2014

It was a pleasure to have the chance to chat again with her and learn more behind ‘Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lover’.

Le Petit Four 1

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and how ‘Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lovers’ came to be?

I was originally born in the Philippines. My mother is a Filipina and my dad is German. I studied in the Philippines for a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The name ‘Le Petit Four and Chocolate Lovers’ is mine and a friend’s new name. My first artist name before this was ‘Sweet Creation’ and began in 2006. I started with doing Kawaii Sweets Plushies, which were popular here in Germany. For several years I made these Plushies, but some other artist started to copy my work so I tried new ideas and came up with Fimo Clays. Then I started creating sweets and foods which German convention visitors found cute, but it didn‘t take long for some others to try and copy me again. So I said to myself I needed some other ideas as I needed to change my work every year so no one would be doing the same as what I would do. I went to Japan for a vacation and also searched new ideas and found this cute shop in Harajuku named ‘Deco Dolce’, a very famous Decoden artist, which has a school so you can learn how to do her things, which I attended. When back in Germany, I tried doing what I learned and also changed my name to ‘Le Petit Four’, a French name, so the old me is gone. Every year I have new items to show each season with new collections and also have limited items, which I create only one per piece; so everyone knows these items belong to me and I‘m the only one who does them. ‘Chocolate Lover’ is my Japanese friend who I met who also does sweets before now and does clay dolls, so we made a deal to become partners.

Q. For our readers who might not know, can you explain what ‘Decoden’ is all about?

Decoden – also spelt as ‘Dekoden’ – is short for Decoration Denwa. Denwa meaning ‘phone’ in Japanese; but since decoden become popular in Japan, the Japanese now also make items from DS cases, some mirrors, music boxes and so on. You can Decoden anything that has a flat surface, and it’s your choice how you decorate them.

Q. What inspires you to create your cute items?

People who love my work and buy them inspire me to create more unique items that have never been seen before. And also, if my fans tell me ‘you have great items and work’, this inspires me more to create sweet Decoden, because then I know someone loves my work.

Le Petit Four 2

Q. Aside Hyper Japan, which other conventions – UK or internationally – do you like to attend to set up stall?

I was in Paris recently at Japan Expo, and several in Germany like Connichi in Kassel, LBM in Leipzig, MMC in Berlin, and Docomi in Dusseldorf. If I ever have the time, I would like to go to cons in Italy, too.

Q. What are your hottest selling items?

My hottest selling items are the mirrors, brushes, jewellery boxes and frames, because each are different designs and one of a kind. I don’t create items again with the same design so each person will think it’s designed only for them. And one more is my cupcake necklaces, which has 5 different colours and designs.

Q. Do you have a personal favourite amongst the items you created?

YES! My Carousel Music box that I made but sadly I don’t have any more of them. In the future, I will do them again, hopefully next year for Hyper Japan 2016.

Q. Are there any particular countries you find are hotspots for item sales?

Yes! Most items are very popular in Indonesia and Malaysia, and I think also London (UK). I find people at cons do love some of the Kawaii things. It doesn’t matter whether they are older or younger people!

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Q. Do you have any new types of products in the works?

Yes, next year I would like to do some sweet bags with my decorations, and some ballerina shoes, inspired by Lolita cosplayers!

Q. You’ll be attending Hyper Japan Festival this weekend (10th – 12th July 2015), where can people find you at the event?

They can find me at the Fringe Market section. My table number is W45. You can also find my partner at her table at W05 (Chocolate lover). Sad to say, they separated us.

Q. And lastly, to give you the podium to advertise yourselves to potential new fans, what would you like to say to the fine people out there?

I would like to invite you to check out my items as well as my partner’s. We’ve created new collections for this convention (Hyper Japan Festival). I will have new items at my table, which are limited edition only, and also my partner has created some cute clay dolls necklaces. So please, do visit and look at our stalls!

Le Petit Four 4

Special thanks to ‘Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lovers’ for taking the time to talk to me. If you are visiting Hyper Japan Festival next weekend, please take a moment to visit their respective booths in the Fringe Market – tables W45 & W05. If you love cute things, their items will definitely be for you!

You can find ‘Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lover’ at the following links:

Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lover

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Images © Le Petit Four & Chocolate Lovers

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