Q. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me! Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little a bit about ‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’.

Hello! We are Otoshiro Sahyaa and Oshiro Cerine, two fellow artists working as a team. ^-^ And we are called ‘Brown Sugar’. ‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’ was actually our passion for coffees, teas and cakes. Somehow, we kept meeting each other in our free time or at weekends and become friends instantly. We also realised we had the same love for anime, manga and decided to work together.

Otoshiro Sahyaa is a Mangaka assistant. (Sorry! I can’t reveal which Mangaka Otoshiro-san is working for) >o<. And I’m Oshiro Cerine! I am a German artist working and living in Japan right now.

Brown Sugar Art 1

Q. What is your favourite artist medium for creating your pieces?

‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’ both of us like to work with Aquarelle, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and of course, with Copics.

Right now Otoshiro-san works with Digital e.g. Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, and I work with Copics, Aquarelle, and Clip Studio Paint.

Q. Is your artist focus more on your own character creations or on fan art creations from anime etc..? Or is there a balance between the both?

I would say both. It depends on my mood what I wanted to draw ^-^. But most of the times I draw my own Characters often ^-^

Q. Speaking of your own personal creations, do have any of your own characters/creations that you like drawing on a regular basis?

All my Characters (OC*) are unique. Each of them was drawn from inspirations I see, experience and/or are works depending in my mood. You see my style keep changing all the time and have no fix style. It depends how I feel and inspired.
*Original Characters

bsm 2

Q. Do you attend many conventions to exhibit and sell your works? If so, which events have you attended?

I do! I always go to Europe for conventions. I have been to ones in Germany: LBM in Leipzig, Connichi in Kassel, MMC in Berlin, and also, Otaku Summit in Tokyo, Japan.

Q. Do you accept paid commissions from customers?

Yes! I do. I also do commissions if customers buy one of my products. (I prefer it that way) ^-^ And I do special commissions for special occasions or tombola.

Q. Out of all your drawings, which piece has always been a personal favourite?

Oh! I would say I love them all. If I need to choose one or two, then I would choose ‘My own Planetarium’ and ‘A little Pain’. Those were my first artwork using copics. ^-^ And those drawings represents me in a way.

Q. You will be attending Hyper Japan Festival this coming weekend (10th – 12th July 2015); will this be your first time at the event, and is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to with the festival?

This will be my 1st time. And I’m so excited already! I’ll be looking forward to the goodies they’re going to sell in London. ^-^ Collecting artworks and fan arts from other artist’s has been my hobby, as well as meeting new fellow artists. And of course I’m so excited to be a part of Hyper Japan. ^-^

Q. Where can people find you at Hyper Japan Festival?

You can find me at Fringe Market Table, W22. Please do visit me. I don’t bite nor bark! I’m really nice hehehehe!!! ;3

Brown Suagr Art 3

Q. And lastly, is there anything you would like to say to promote yourself to potential new fans and customers?

Hello, everyone I’m Cerine Oshiro and I will be coming to Hyper Japan this year and this is my first time. I will be super happy if you could come and drop by at my booth and check out my items.

Whoever buys any of my products will get a free freebies and gifts from me. Buy £5 worth of my products will receive a freebies/gift. Buy £10 worth of my products will receive an Illustration book and a post card.

My utmost thanks to Cerine and ‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’ for taking the time to converse with me! It was a pleasure! If you are attending Hyper Japan Festival during this weekend, 10th – 12th July 2015, pop over to the ‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’ table, as mentioned, at Fringe Market: W22. Say Renegade Revolution sent you! Only kidding, but please, if you have a moment, give a warm welcome for a first time exhibitor at Hyper Japan and take a gander at their works on offer!

‘Brown Sugar Macchiato’ also has a Facebook page. Please take a moment to check them out!
ブラウンシュガーマキアート (Brown Sugar Macchiato)

All images © Oshiro Cerine/Brown Sugar Macchiato

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