Changing up from previous years and starting with the appearance from Bonnie Ross from 343 industries, the company behind the Halo franchise since 2010. Showing off our first gameplay from Halo 5 Guardians, from the perspective of Agent Locke and his Echo Team, featuring the return of fan favourite Buck from ODST.


Taking place on what seems like the covenant homeworld, and starring The Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3, the demo showed Echo Team chasing down Master Chief and his Blue Team. Culminating in a showdown with Locke and the aforementioned Guardian, a gigantic mech like creature, who states that “The Chief was invited” and that “(Locke) was not”,




They also unveiled Halo: Warzone, an enormous 12vs12 multiplayer mode with Ai units and is played on the largest maps in halo history.



After a first look at a new IP from Metroid Prime creator Kenji Inifone, titled ReCore, came the biggest news of the show. In the next few months, the Xbox One will be fully backwards compatible with 360 titles. Using a download system, where if you have the retail copy of a game, it will give you a download version of the title, and compatible titles will also be showing up in the marketplace to buy. All Xbox one features will be available when playing older titles, from the streaming service to the game DVR. They also mentioned that developers don’t need to do any work on their end, except to give the go ahead to compatability mode, with everything done on microsoft’s end. This is big news for anyone holding on to their older consoles and game libraries.



Alongside this, they showed off the new Elite Controller design. featuring rear paddles, and complete button remapping features, this is touted as the must have for anyone serious about their gaming. With Trigger locks for full precision, and swappable thumbsticks, the controller will be released later this year.


elitle contorller


EA’s Peter Moore too to the stage next, to give an update on the EA Access program on the Xbox One. Later this week, Respawn studios TitanFall will be added to the Vault, with Bioware’s Dragon Age Inquisition joining it later. EA will also be offering EA access completely free for a week, giving you a chance to try the service before you sign-up for the subscription program.


After a brief display from the ID@Xbox division, fearting Cuphead, a 30’s cartoon styled side scroller, Beyond Eyes, a game about a blind girl trying to find her way in the world, and the new game from Fullbright Games, the company behind Gone Home, title Tacoma, came a new announcement from Rare.


Rare has been around now for 30 years, and has created some of the most memorable games, from Perfect Dark to Banjo Kazooie, and now you can play them all on one disc, with the Rare Replay collection, with 30 games for £30, this will be a must have for all those wanting a nostalgia hit.


Rare also unveiled a new IP, titled Sea Of Thieves, a pirate based MMO, filled with the bright colours and humor that Rare has been known for fro the past 3 decades.



What followed was a display of their HoloLens system, partnering with Mojang to create a version of their hit Minecraft built specifically for the AR system. showing off the power of the system and its ability to play on any surface, with the demo taking place on both a blank wall, and then creating a fully manipulatable 3d model on a tabletop.




Closing out with Epic Games, pulling the lid on the Gears of War Ultimate Edition, a Next-Gen version of the original gears of War game, now in 1080P 60FPS, and a Beta starting immediately. Then came the first gameplay from Gears 4, a darker, more horror based installment in the series, releasing late next year.


With a focus on the games this year, Microsoft have kicked off this years E3 with a steady, well timed conference.


What was your favourite moment from Microsoft’s E3 Press conference? Sound out in the comments below.


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