The May Comic-Con went down very well in our books, attendance was at an all-time high and the event was run smoothly and was very well organised. Our day one experience was a very pleasing experience being now that the event now starts on Friday and is on all day instead of just an afternoon. This meant we got to look around without the crowds of the Saturday that the event is well known for and we took our time chatting to exhibitioners and looking at all they had to offer.
The opening of the other hall which contained a large seating area and some food stands selling all sort of refreshment was a touch; allowing attendees to take a break and fuel up before heading back in.

Cosplayers who were lucky enough to attend the Friday were out showing off their costumes and getting photos. Especially the Batman cosplayers were seemed to flock around the new Batmobile which was on display from the new ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ game, which carries on the Arkham series after the events of Arkham city. The game is due out here in the United Kingdom on June 23rd and many people are excited about, including us here at Renegade Revolution.

Chaos space marine cosplay

Chaos space marine cosplay

Video games are always apparent at Comic-con and we got the play some great ones this time. ‘Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse’ slammed us down with over the top fighting moves and devastating attacks and we got to try the new ‘J-Stars Victory VS’ in action which allows a crossover beat-em up with characters from animes like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece. Splatoon looks an interesting game; out for release on the Wii U, it is a 3rd person shooter where the characters shoot ink at surfaces and other players. Then can jump into their own ink colours to move around faster, teleport as well as over useful buffs. Smash and Mario kart was also present and held various tournaments and competitions as well.

Another first was the Hello kitty area in the main hall; offering make up, temporary tattoos, a photo booth and Hello Kitty herself. This seemed interesting for some and we noticed there was always a lot of people gathered there, although we will not talk about the sweet temporary tattoo I got on my bottom!

Once again merchandise as far as the eye can see, selling everything and anything from Gundam model kits, drinking horns, board games and there is even a steampunk stall and stage this time. A first for us was that Stuart (one of our contributors) and myself got to sit down and partake in a Role-play/Sci-Fi Dungeons and Dragons-esque games called ‘Era The Consortium’. Turned out to be quite fun, the game and rules are well written and the universe it was set in was very detailed. We spoke to the creator Ed Jowett and his staff and they are a great bunch of people, look out for them if you see them at any other events and be sure to keep your eyes open for a future article about them.

Era The Consortium

Era The Consortium


Friday itself was a nice, quiet day for you to catch up with any friends and do any shopping you wanted, we knew the crowds and masses word be mainly getting here tomorrow so be sure to check out what editor Jojo made of it in her review in the link to be added below. Please take at a look at our Facebook page for our many photos over the weekend.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the upcoming MCM Comic Con events, be sure to check out their website:


All photos © Jojo Yap and Scott Sanderson
Article by Scott Sanderson and Jojo Yap

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