During Bethesda’s inaugural E3 conference, Arkane studios heads Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith took to the stage to formally announce Dishonored 2. What followed was a cinematic trailer, voiced by The Outsider, the mystical being from the first game, who bestowed his mark on protagonist Corvo.



This time around you seem to play as Emily Kaldwin, the princess from the first game, all grown up, and mentored by Corvo. The trailer gave us our first glimpse at Emily’s’ powers, with a tentacle like grappling hook, used for faster traversal, time manipulation, for slowing time, and some kind of  smoke tentacle monster.


Set several years after the first game, the technology seems to have advanced dramatically, with rooms transforming before your eyes, and your gear has seen an upgrade as well, with mines and new grenades, built for taking out the new clockwork guards.



Also announced was the Next-Gen version of the original game, titled Dishonored: Definitive edition. featuring updated graphics and all the DLC bundled in. Releasing at the end of August, just before the sequel, which will come out later this year.

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