The Countdown clock that appeared yesterday caused a mild panic over the internet. Was this an actual new release in the Fallout series? Would it be an re-release of Fallout 3 or New Vegas? Would it just be another hoax? I’m not gonna lie – I wasn’t hopeful. I was expecting that when that clock hit 00:00:00 all we were going to hear was “Never gonna give you up…” and a collective groan from the world. Luckily this was not the case and we were treated to the first new Fallout video in a long time. If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy it, please, take some time out on me:

The amount to take away from this trailer is amazing; there are a few things that really interested me though, some subtle, some incredibly obvious.

  • In the opening sections we watch a dog wandering though a dilapidated house which keeps cutting to show it in a much better state in the past. Sound track cuts back so we hear a news reader reporting on sudden nuclear explosions and gives us a moment on the origins of the Fallout series. I would love for some of the game-play to be set as a flash back, making this by-gone perfect era playable.

  • The next big reveal for me were the multitude of new towns and cities. Previously in Fallout 3 and New Vegas the townships have all been either very linear or boxed in which in my opinion reduced the open world feeling of the game. These new city designs look huge and varied and should be a joy to explore.

  • One thing that has really impressed me is the music. The way the pace and tone changes with each changing cityscape really helps set the mood for the game, making it feel grand and expansive. Saying that, I do hope they keep the old world radio stations.

  • At the end as the dog wanders past the hung set of power armour I do wonder if there might be some element of either armour modification or even armour creation like the Smithing system in Skyrim

  • Lastly THE MAIN CHARACTER SPOKE! Right at the very end the main character says to the dog “Let’s go pal…” For some reason the fact your character can have a voice is incredibly exciting for me.

There is probably a lot more I have missed in this but im just going to have to find those on my own. The next big event is June 14th which is when Bethesda will be having its conference at E3, the rumour is they will be showing a 20-30 minute live game play demo.

Keep your eyes peeled – we will up date you as soon as we know!


Fallout is copyright of Bethesda.

You can pre-order Fallout 4 from here

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