Revealed through the IGN First program, Baltimore developers Firaxis showed off the first trailer for XCom 2, a sequel to 2012’s XCom: Enemy Unknown, and it’s expansion Enemy Within.

Taking place 20 years after the events of the last game, the alien overloads have taken over the earth, and integrated themselves  within society. The XCom team have now turned from a full government backed agency, to a bunch of ragtag resistance fighters, based out of their new mobile base: The Avenger.

Now to those who finished the first game, this may come as a surprise, as you defeat the alien mothership at the end, and send them packing, well Creative Director Jake Solomon has your answer. Speaking to IGN: “Solomon painted an alternate version of how the war unfolded: “When the aliens showed up, XCOM suffered massive casualties, and governments around the world crumbled in face of popular support to surrender. Then, the Earth was quickly overrun. And so, 20 years into the future, the world is a very different place. The aliens rule Earth from giant shining megacities where all the people of Earth are flocking; that’s where they’re promised an easy life, a secure life free of disease.“

Based on the reveal trailer, it seems we’ll be fighting new evolutions of the aliens from the previous games, with a taller, meaner looking version of the Sectoid facing off against The Ranger; one of XCom 2’s new classes, one that focuses on close range combat, utilising the first melee weapon seen, in a machete like sword strapped to his back.

Also seen is The Specialist’s new drone weapon, dubbed The Gremlin. Used in combat to help buff allies and stun opponents, it can also be used for long range hacking and disruption.


New interior concept art 


With the new world order under the alien control, known as The Advent, it seems we’ll be fighting in more urban areas, as opposed to EU’s more wild environments, and based on some early concept art, some interior maps will be featured as well.

XCom 2 will be coming exclusively to PC in November.

Are you looking forward to the next instalment, or is the PC exclusivity a hindrance? Sound out in the comments below!

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