By now I’m sure you would have seen the link to the “please stand by” countdown clock. Well, now it’s officially over and the the site’s showing the official Fallout4 trailer instead! Personally I watched the countdown for a few minuets at a time, just to see if any thing happened, and it got me thinking back to some previous Fallout releases that never happened. Not to say that I didn’t think this release would be genuine, just that I’ve watched enough Rickrolls to be cautious.

A few years ago a site called went live with a countdown timer and Fallout style writing and logos. The Internet went mad with this and stories started flying about regarding a new CGI trailer. I was one of the people caught up in that and when late in 2013 Bethesda made an announcement confirming that this site was a fake and was being run by a “Self Proclaimed Asshole”. The author even admitted the site cost him $900 to run but he didn’t care for the cost, he just wanted to annoy people.


On to greater things now and the speculation of what might come from the new Fallout. It is well known that Bethesda don’t announce games until they are good and ready and when they do the release footage is normally outstanding and close to the finished product. What we’ve seen already is impressive. It’s a cross console game so every one can get involved and I also think as its coming out quite a way from the release of the New-gen consoles it will be built for them, using all the power and tech they can offer. Unfortunately this means no previous gen version.

What ever happens its been a long time coming since the last Fallout game and I’m excited because you know what?..

…War Never Changes…


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