Leaked earlier this year under the codename Victory, Syndicate will be set in 1868, mid way through the industrial revolution in London. You play as Jacob Fryes, who was raised by assassins alongside his sister Evie, who IGN confirmed will be playable at points.

In the announcement video, Ubisoft Montreal mentioned the backlash surrounding the problems with Unity, with one of the developers saying that the glitched face bug being the first thing you see when you search for the game was one of the most heart wrenching experiences he’s had, but they’ve taken on board the criticism and feedback, to make Syndicate the best game yet.


The New Assassin, Jacob Fryes. 


One of the biggest changes is in the weaponry and combat system. With Victorian London being less swashbuckling than previous entries in the series, the developer noted that carrying a giant sword around would be impractical, and you would be instantly arrested by the local police. The way around this is that Jacob now carries smaller weapons such as a Kukri Blade, and the combat itself is a lot closer in range, with punches and daggers being more of a staple.

Alongside the new weapons is a grappling hook type attachment to the hidden blade device. New vehicles in the world include horse drawn carriages and steam trains, with combat being a large part of both.

Assassins Creed Syndicate launches on October 23rd on PS4 and Xbox One, then PC Later in the Year.

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