Every years E3 comes and goes, with reveals and announcements left and right, but every year, people walk away disappointed that some things just didn’t happen, so here’s a list of things I believe will, or at least should, be announced at E3 2015.

Last guardian news

This is a biggie. The last we heard from the successor to Ico and Shadow of the colossus was way back at E3 2009, when Team Ico unveiled the project. Ever since it’s been complete radio silence. We get titbits here and there, with Sony saying the project is still in development, even allowing the trademark to lapse briefly, before renewing it after the media got hold of the news.

last guardian


The game centred around a boy and a griffin like creature, Trico, who accompanies the boy, although we will often rebel against the boys actions, thus forcing the player to train, mould and befriend Trico.

Around every E3 since 2009, we have been clamouring for more details, and now i believe people just want any news about the game.

Microsoft VR 

With Valve and HTC teaming up to bring us the Vive, Sony with Project Morpheus, and Oculus Rift aiming to hit the market later this year, I think Microsoft need to either announce their bid in the VR race or not.
At their windows 10 reveal, they also showed off HoloLens, an attempt at AR, Augmented Reality. Using a Holographic interface, in line with the windows 10 universal interface, allows users and developers to create apps and programs that work on all windows devices.




Using a see through visor, with screens seemingly projected onto the air in front of the user, and on other objects, HoloLens should allow manipulation and interaction in real time.

It is unknown if this will extend to gaming on windows 10 or the Xbox One, but with other competitors entering the market soon, Microsoft need to declare their stance on VR fast, and E3 would be the best time to do so.

Assassin Creed Victory

After the leak last year, news of the next game in the assassin’s creed franchise has been quiet. With confirmation of the game following and some small pieces of info released, such as the setting of Victorian era London, and that it will feature a brand new Assassin with new gadgetry to play with.




Ubisoft’s’ annual conference will be held on the 16th, and history shows that we will have some news then.

Final Fantasy and kingdom Hearts 

For the first time in E3 history, Square Enix will be hosting a conference on June 16th, and with a busy release calendar it should be an exciting time. Two of the big titles that have gone a bit quiet in recent times are Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15. The latter had a demo shipped alongside the HD remake of Type-0 earlier this year, and Square have said they are actively responding to the feedback.




Kingdom Hearts 3 on the other hand has had hardly any news in the last 5 months, and with them both being unveiled at the same time 2 years ago at E3 2013, it would be fitting that we get news, maybe even release dates at the same time.

PS4 and Xbox One Slim?

As much as we all love our lovely next-gen consoles, but admit it, they’re a bit big and clunky, so maybe a small redesign is due? We’re 2 years into our current console cycle, and maybe a slimmer version is what we need. We had multiple versions of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, with each one boosting sales.


ps bone


Perhaps with new announcements to work alongside current hardware models such as the vita and HoloLens, new bundles and a possible price drop could also be on the cards?

Ubisoft’s “One more thing”

For the last few years, Ubisoft has always had one tick up it’s sleeve. Ending each year with CEO Yves Guillemot taking to the stage to unveil a new IP, or new instalment in a long dormant franchise.


watch dogs


Starting in 2011 with the reveal of Watch_Dogs, and in following years we had the announcements of The Division and Rainbow Six Siege. But with the backlash following the release of Watch_Dogs, maybe it’s time to not built up the hype years before release, and perhaps use this year to announce dates for current games.


This years E3 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention centre on June 16th to the 18th, with all the conferences streamed online, Via Twitch and YouTube.

What do you hope to see this year? Sound out in the comments below XD

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