Needless to say the internet has kinda exploded over this. By now you should have see it, or seen images of it, or heard some one talking about it at work. If you’re still wondering what IT is please watch the below….

Now already I’m sure there are people out there unhappy as this is a cinematic trailer using an “in-game engine” (as we saw in the disclaimer at the beginning) rather than an actual game play trailer. To those people I say one thing, CALM DOWN WE’VE GOT A WHILE YET! Don’t get me wrong I am very excited about this game but some people have been quick to jump down EA’s throat with this one, lets enjoy what we’ve got and be patient.

Now onto what I liked in this trailer, being a little more precise than all of it…

It seems that a lot has been hinted in this trailer in a very subtle way, I may be reading a lot into but but I noticed a few things, mainly on the Rebel side to be honest. Firstly the Rebel trooper we see on the speeder bike making their escape is a woman. Now this shouldn’t be shocking in modern science fiction but does that mean we are going to be able to choose male or female playable characters? This doesn’t often occur in FPS, actually I think the only game that comes to mind is “Aliens: Colonial Marine”.

A Sullstan

A Sullstan

Another thing shown on the Rebel side are Aliens, we do get some fantastic close up shots of a Sullustan in the opening of the trailer. We’ve seen a Sullustan previously in Star Wars in the form of Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian’s Co-pilot in The Battle of Endor. Hopefully this shows that not only could you pick the sex of your character, but also the race! This could make for some very interesting online battles.

It also seems from the hints we’ve seen that you will be able to outfit your fighter with specific kit rather than have a pre selected class to choose from. We did see a Rebel using a deployable shield and another using a jet pack which could be unlockable items and we also saw one of those Rebels using a rocket launcher to take out an AT-ST and then drop it afterwards, meaning it could be a weapon pick up from the map. We also saw two very big characters appear, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. From what has been heard at Star Wars Celebration it seems that these will be playable characters in the same way that the “Tank” was a playable character in Left for Dead. During each game there will be a chance for a Villain, and possibly a Hero, to appear and some lucky son of a gun will spawn as them. Now of course they are going to be very powerful characters but you can bet your last credit that every one is going to come at you like you’re a Wamp-rat and they are in a T-16.

As you can tell there is a lot of speculation going on right now with what has been shown. We know its coming out November 17th this year, we know its going to be on next gen consoles and PC and we know its going to kick ass. Our hopes for the game (beyond the usual balanced play, well built and managed servers etc, etc) are that we will get to relive some of those moments from the classic trilogy. I want to be able to run rings around an AT-AT in a snow speeder and bring it down, I want to be running though the corridors of the Alliance Cruiser trying to take out Rebel Scum and if possible I want to be in an X-wing, taking down Tie Fighters one at a time.

If EA get this right, and I’m sure they will, Battlefront will shape up to me a modern classic in gaming and will have a long running life. As soon as we hear more we will keep you updated.

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