With the Star Wars Celebration fast approaching in Anaheim I should have been prepared for some Star Wars based news. I though we might get a little more of the up and coming Star Wars Battlefront (more of that coming this weekend!) but to my unsuspecting surprise as soon as I got in from work a new Star Wars trailer had appeared. Now before I go any further and hold you in suspense here it is.

Have you watched it? Now, go watch it again. I’m not gonna test you but it’s so very worth it.

Isn’t that better?

Now this trailer seems to be rather epic on a few different scales and I don’t mean just because of that cameo at the end (more on that in a bit!). The way it has been created with the building crescendo of music, the hinting of a deep emotional storyline and the referencing of well known structures like the ruined Star Destroyer and X-wing at the beginning, or the Imperial Banner at the 1:12 mark. It is very reminiscent of the classic movie trailers from the late 80s and early 90s where trailers were about inviting you to enjoy a grand story rather than showing you all the jokes/big special effects.

A lot of things where revealed in this trailer though and that’s not a bad thing. We got to see that both the Rebel Alliance and The Imperial Empire are still around in some form and are presumably still fighting. The Skywalker family are confirmed to be alive and strong, the opening lines regarding The Force also seem to confirm that Luke Skywalker is still around.

With all the reminiscing of the old it’s nice to see some of the new coming though. By new I don’t mean all the shiny new effects and Chrome, which there is a lot of by the way. I mean in the style of filming. At the 1:26 mark we see a dog fight between a TIE fighter and the great Millennium Falcon. Just as they dive into what looks like the one of the engine ports of the Star Destroyer we saw at the beginning the footage suddenly zooms in with what looks like a manual zoom. This is almost a trademark of JJ Abrams the director and has been seen in films like the new Star Trek and Super 8. Its a nice move to bring into what has become a very clean cut filming style in Episodes 1,2 and 3.

This trailer has gone down very well from what I’ve seen, a few people are hesitant to get their hopes up, which is understandable; we were all let down by Episode 1…

This is setting up to be a very well received new chapter in a long standing story and its one I’m looking forward to. To quote the trailer and to mark the return of one of the greatest teams in the history of Space Smuggling…

“We’re home, Chewie…”

han and chewie

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