With the fourth rendition of the event over, Heroes and Heroines hang up their capes for a well deserved rest. London Super Comic Cons (LSCC) has always been a smaller convention; dedicating itself to to what it knows best. But this year it expanded. With well known cosplayers such as cosplay model Yaya Han and Bill Doran, US cosplay prop maker of ‘Punished props’ invited to give talks and meet fans. Both of whom also helped to judge the the LSCC costume championship as well as the open masquerade. These guests brought a lot more fans to the convention and helped one of LSCC goals of promoting cosplay at their events – including many families this time around too. A lot of baby buggies and toddlers in costume were present – getting their superhero/heroine fix. Or maybe this was due to their cosplay dads and mums? Maybe that father and don batman and robin, that made us smile. It is nice to see families get into the sprit of things here; one family dressed up as the main cast of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ – inclusive of a Draxx mum and Groot father.

Guardians family photo

Guardians family photo

If it is one thing LSCC does right, it is the amount of exhibitors and sponsors who attend the event. Big names join the roster of continued support. Exhibitors like 2000AD, well known for their lawman ‘Judge Dredd’ and war-torn solider ‘Rogue Trooper’ as well as Aces Weekly who brought us ‘V for Vendetta’. These are just two of many publishers that showed their stuff off over the weekend, bringing fans together. We were pleasantly surprised to see TV comedian and comic lover Jonathan Ross milling about taking part in the fun as well as promoting ‘Revenge’ which he helped collaborate on with artist Ian Churchill.

One of the exhibitors stood out quite clearly, offering a unique experience. That was Syfy. Syfy brought in fifty DSLR cameras at set up a FanCam which could capture a 360 degree image, designed to capture every last costume detail and pose perfectly. This made a lot of cosplayer’s queue in line to take a turn in front of the cameras. Having spiderman caught mid air in a jump was pretty awe-inspiring to see. But even if you did not come in costume, the Syfy team brought themed props along so that everybody could take part and have fun. The team there were very friendly and kept people waiting in the queue for the FanCam entertained. All photos were uploaded to their website which you then visit to find your picture and share via social networking. Although having some slight technical difficulties on Saturday morning – in which some people could not find their pictures – the team were aware and resolved the problem after the weekend, uploading the missing photos.

The Artist Alley is now turning into a creative village, with over sixty artists taking commissions and selling sketches and prints. Well known alternative rock band ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’ were there too, promoting their new comic ‘The Vigilante’. A lot of choice here for anyone who is after something different: Be it old or new.

The event was well organised and staff were friendly, helpful and approachable. Whilst the initial queues in the morning got a little lengthy, once entry opened, the lines moved quickly. LSCC has always been a quieter convention, and sometimes we found ourselves walking down the isles repeatedly, checking if we missed anything. It has been reported that that exhibitors noticed a drop in sales this time. With the amount of people who attended over the weekend, we have to wonder if convention goers really need a weekend pass for this event? We would say no, but we also now it would be debatable with guests apearances and such. Also, cosplayers may want to show off more than one costume over the weekend too.

We enjoyed our time at LSCC as always. It is definitely the convention you need to attend if you want to get your comic on. A simpler, quieter event, which may be perfect for first timers to conventions or comic books.


Syfy Fancam

Syfy Fancam


Photos © Jojo Yap and Scott Sanderson.

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