Rock Pocket, a small games company based in Norway, have broken out into the big time with this colourful and entertaining game, which has you controlling the movements of two cute and clumsy aliens – space janitors tasked with cleaning up the galaxy. The game is published by Sierra Entertainment and is available now.

A puzzle game similar to the Oddworld series, and 2013 indie release Tiny Brains, Shiftlings has both single-player and co-operative modes, and encourages you to think strategically. The two main characters, Purple Plop and Green Goop, are connected by a cord running between their suits, so they can’t go too far from each other. Best of all there’s plenty of slapstick humour, and as with the Oddworld series, there’s lots of farting to be done. Here, this actually plays a purpose as you can inflate the suit of either protagonist, which helps greatly in solving certain quests.

The aim is to provide an entertaining experience for viewers of a space reality TV show, and your every move is narrated in-game by the host, a purple alien names Zookod. There’s a real Space Channel 5 vibe coming from this – just as colourful, but with crazy cute aliens instead of sexy raver babes! Either way, the TV show setting usually gives good incentive to perform as best you can.

Why not check out the trailer below:

Shiftlings is out now, so head on over to the platform of your choice, whether Steam, Xbox One or PS4, and get ready to work the shift of a lifetime!

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