Convention Alert – EM-Con – March 15th 2015

Calling all comic convention enthusiasts in the East Midlands! EM-Con is returning to Nottingham to bring you some of the finest things sci-fi and fantasy has to offer!

EM-Con opens its doors at the Capital FM Arena on Mother’s Day, March 15th 2015. So if you hadn’t got any plans with your mother this year – or maybe you want to gift her with something different to the usual flowers, chocolates and kitchen paraphernalia – purchase tickets to EM-Con and revel in family geekery together! (Or you could be a terrible child and just go with your friends*)

*We forgive you!

EM-Con is gathering talent from film, television, comics and more, to guest appear for their adoring fans to meet their idols to obtain their autograph or partake in a photo shoot. Amongst the guests are the main cast of Red Dwarf, the wonderful Nichelle Nichols; well-known for appearing as Uhura in Star Trek, Jack Donnelly with Sarah Parish, Robert Emms and Jemima Rooper from BBC’s Atlantis, plus many others from film and television, including Doctor Who, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

There will be Q&A Panels held on the day with cast groups from the various shows and films in attendance. EM-Con is selling tickets for these at £1, which the proceeds being donated to numerous charities. Please be aware that some of these panels may now be sold out, so you will need to check the website to see what tickets are still available.

Always a big part of convention culture is cosplay. You will most likely see people turning out in costumes depicting their favourite characters from comics to video games, getting into the spirit of the event. It’s an optional thing, not a pre-requisite, but if you do want to come out dressed up, you’ll be more than welcome amongst the throng of cosplayers. Just make sure you’re appropriately dressed and not bringing any dangerous props – the day should be kept as safe and pleasant as possible.

If you don’t want to dress up but do want to interact with the cosplayers, many will be very happy to have photos with you. It’s quite a highlight for children who may get a surprise with meeting characters they know and love!

EM-Con offers a geek shopper’s heaven with plenty of dealers and stands amid the venue, offering a vast range of merchandise. Maybe you’ll find that collectable figure you’ve been meaning to buy or a missing comic for your collection. Whatever your tastes, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy (and causes your wallet to weep!)

With regards to tickets, general tickets are still on sale for £8 with entry to the event from 11am. Silver tickets (early entry tickets) are sold out, and Gold and Platinum tickets are no longer on sale. If you do want to go to the event, it’s highly recommended to purchase your ticket prior to the event – you can follow the link on EM-Con’s site to go through to the Capital FM Arena’s page to make your purchase. Tickets will cost £10 on the day and will only be in limited numbers, so if you don’t buy ahead, you might not be guaranteed entry into the event.

There is an after party event taking place at the Pitcher & Piano in the Lace Market, Nottingham. Doors open at 7.30pm with tickets to the event available on EM-Con’s site at £6. The venue is a converted church building, with a gorgeous modern and neo-gothic blend interior. The party will play host not only to the general public, but event crew and VIP guests from the convention. Entertainment for the night will include a top DJ as well as the band ‘OneGirlOneBoy’, a duo from Nottingham. Their track ‘Dirty Town’ is going to be featured on a brand new series of Gotham (A show based on a number of characters from DC Comic’s Batman.)

Want to try a new area of the UK for a convention? Then get yourselves to Nottingham! There are plenty of hotels within walking distance of the Capital FM Arena if you want to make a weekend of it. And if you live in the East Midlands and want to visit for the day, there are plenty of transport options to choose from which will drop you within reasonable walking distance to the arena. If you want to travel by car, be aware that the Capital FM Arena doesn’t have its own car parking area, but there are plenty of places nearby to park, but beware that in some places it might be at a cost!

Keep your eye out for little old me who will be attending on behalf of Renegade Revolution. If you’re in costume and I catch you in my sights, there is a big chance I’ll be after a photo of you to adorn our Facebook.

Finally, as mentioned on EM-Con’s Facebook, their convention for 2016 is going to return to the Capital FM Arena and be held over TWO days! Information on dates for next year will be announced on 14th March 2015.

Please visit EM-Con’s sites for updates and further information!

EM-Con Offical Site
Tickets Page for EM-Con (General Tickets via Capital FM Arena)

Images © EM-Con


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