Inaugurated in February 2012, London Super Comic Con – or LSCC for short – is a convention that pretty much is what it says on the tin: A comic book convention. But it’s not just any comic book convention – LSCC is the biggest comic book conventions in the UK, with last year’s event drawing in over 20,000 attendees. LSCC’s increasing popularity has also seen an increase in floor space, with last year’s convention area spanning over 100,000 square feet.

The ExCeL Centre, London

Located at the ExCeL Centre in London, attendees can expect to find a wide range of publishers, comic book artists, merchandise, talks and – of course – comic books and graphic novels. And what convention would complete without cosplayers? Over the years, LSCC has seen an increase in the number of attending cosplayers; looking amazing whilst also taking in the excitement of the convention at the same time. As of last year, LSCC has also started to host a costume masquerade, as well as the London Super Costume Championship competition; in which costume-makers can take part in order to win amazing prizes, with this year’s top prize being a trip for two people to the extremely popular American-based convention, Dragon*Con, held in Atlanta.

A Doctor Octopus cosplayer

Comic book enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the guests attending LSCC. In the past, the convention has seen familiar names and faces, such as J. Scott Campbell, Frank Cho, George Pérez, Jonathan Ross and Andy Lanning. The very first LSCC even saw the very rare UK appearance of the legendary Stan Lee (and if you don’t know who Stan Lee is, you should hang your head in shame!). This year, LSCC’s guests include Garth Ennis, John Romita Jr., Max Brooks, Stephanie Hans and multiple award-winning Neal Adams. There will also be a handful of cosplay guests present once again this year; including Kamui Cosplay, Yaya Han, Bill Doran (owner of Punished Props) and even some local talent like Laura Sindall and Tabitha Lyons.

For the shopaholics, LSCC has a large number of stalls set up at the exhibition centre which provides a wide variety of goods. These range from figurines, clothing and themed cupcakes to both vintage and modern-day comics. Attendees can expect to see items to purchase from small, handmade businesses as well as the larger merchandise companies such as Forbidden Planet.

The Artist Alley provides enthusiasts with a chance to watch creative hands at work as well as a possibility to chat with the artists at their stalls. Visitors can also purchase or commission sketches and other works by these artists – although the variety of items and the availability to purchase a commission will vary from stall to stall.

The Hero 9 to 5 Stall

Overall, London Super Comic Con is an event that is recommended for comic fans of all ages, with a large variety of things to see, do and buy. Having been before, I would thoroughly recommend bringing a camera to snap up photo opportunities with guests and the cosplayers – though do remember to be polite and ask first! The staff that run LSCC are both friendly, informative and happy to help so do not be afraid to ask if you ever have a query or issue whilst at the convention.

Tickets and further information – as well as a chance to buy some exclusive prints – are available from the official website:

LSCC logo 2015

Photos © Jojo Yap and Scott Sanderson
London Super Comic Con logos and banner © London Super Comic Con

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