After a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical procedure late last week which left him comatose, Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum broke the news of Monty’s passing through a journal entry on the Rooster Teeth site.

After reaching fame with his video Haloid, a Halo-inspired animation featuring Halo’s Master Chief facing off against Samus from the Metroid Prime series. Two months after he was hired by Namco Games as animator on their Afro Samurai game adaptation. He was offered a job working for developer Crystal Dynamics to work on their Tomb Raider reboot, but he instead took up residence with Rooster Teeth as lead animator and fight choreographer. He later went on to launch his own series RWBY in 2013.

Monty Oum 1981 - 2015

Monty Oum. 1981 – 2015

Described by many as the calmest, most easygoing employee at RT, he was known for coming in at all hours to get work done, or just to play around with the Motion Capture equipment – once famously coming in on Christmas day, and filming Vines around the studio to pass the time.

As a mark of respect, both Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter have not posted any videos or content today, bar one news piece breaking the news, featuring a clearly distraught Meg Turney, and a special edition of their podcast will be streamed to all.

He is survived by his wife Sheena and his brothers and sisters.

He will be greatly missed.

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