Earlier I wrote an article talking about the American hit reality television show RuPaul’s Drag Race, and how I feel it is positively impacting the gay community the world over. Recently there has been a lot of discussion across the internet about the possibility of a UK version of the programme, showcasing UK talent. Michelle Visage has said in interviews she is very interested in the project, and it has been revealed that Jonathan Ross has purchased the rights to air a Drag Race UK. Fan-made teaser trailers have exploded across the internet, fans erupting in glitter, sequins and joy.

There is nothing official concrete yet, though the latest information insinuates that RuPaul and Michelle Visage are indeed going to be involved. This is very exciting to me, as the biggest frustrations I had with the US show were that it was very difficult to get at the episodes of the current season, and that it was difficult to see the queens’ shows after the programme as their performances are mostly limited to American towns and cities. Showcasing the UK’s drag queen talent would give the programme an opportunity to open up to even more of the gay community over here, as well as giving us the ability to follow the queens easier (without requiring a large bank balance and/or private jet).

Right now Michelle Visage is participating in Celebrity Big Brother, and I cannot help but wonder whether her participation could partially be a gauge of the British public’s reaction to her. If my Twitter feed is any indication, the reaction has been very positive. This might also be the chance for the show to iron out some of its flaws and become a force for great good across the entire LGBTQ spectrum. If this is a step in the direction of Drag Race UK becoming a reality, I am most definitely for it!

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