It’s a good year to be David Tennant. The US incarnation of Broadchurch, in which he stars as a vengeful detective, was revealed to have done very well, and just weeks ago Tennant received a Special Recognition prize at the British National Television Awards.

It seems everyone wants some of this impressionable Scot’s action, as Marvel have just picked him up for their newest superhero series, A.K.A Jessica Jones. Jones is a former superhero turned detective, who some might recognise by the alias Jewel, and she’s being played by Krysten Ritter. Melissa Rosenberg, of Dexter screenwriting fame, will be showrunner.

Tennant will be playing a villain this time – Zebediah Kilgrave, also known as The Purple Man. This guy is not someone you’d want to get close to – he uses pheromones to exert mind control on anyone nearby. He is quite literally purple in the comics, though, so it remains to be seen just how closely this adaptation will stick to the lore.

Jones’s history with The Purple Man is complex and disturbing, as he has used his powers of mind control on her in the past to exert long-lasting mental damage. He’s actually part of the reason why she’s a former superhero, so expect some intense scenes here. It’s going to be interesting to see how Tennant acts this character out; we know how well he can do emotion, but we rarely get the chance to see him delve into the corrupt side of humanity.

A.K.A Jessica Jones will be airing as a Netflix original later this year, so get your subscriptions up to date!

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