The 2015 National Television Awards took place last night, on January 21st, hosted by Dermot O’Leary and featuring special guests The Proclaimers. When it came round to the announcement of the Special Recognition Award, the musical cue provided by Scottish band The Proclaimers should have been enough to make David Tennant (who is himself Scottish), sitting unaware in the audience, finally twig.

As it turned out, the announcement was a complete surprise to him, and the associated video (below) shows this in full detail. As a five minute tribute video, filmed with family and people he’s worked with over the years, plays overhead, another camera focuses on his reaction, and this is the point where us TV fans realise that those strong emotions we come to love him for in his acting are real.

Tennant is an amazing actor whose passion shines through in everything he does. It’s like feelings, emotions, expressions, are all things he cannot stop from coming out, and this is apparent as much in his normal persona as for his acting.

Many know him for his reign as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, but if you haven’t already seen his stellar performance in 2013’s Broadchurch, you should do so. Now.

So that’s an award that many of us are proud of, and is quite possibly the best thing to have happened at last night’s NTA’s.

In other fields, the news was not so heartwarming. Popular cult series Doctor Who and Sherlock were both nominated for Best TV Drama, but lost to Downton Abbey. And while Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead came close to the Best Multichannel Series award, they lost to Celebrity Juice – something that TV aficionados are still trying desperately to understand the logic behind.

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