Monster Hunter 4U Demo

A sneak peak at the next installment in Capcom’s giant monster bothering franchise!


Following todays Nintendo Direct, one of the bombshell announcements was that ahead of its release in February, selected Nintendo fans will be sent a set of demo codes to enable them and three others to take up the new hunt. The demo offers multiplayer both locally and now for the first time, online. You’re given a choice of three quests and the option to set the difficulty from beginner to expert. The three quests increase in difficulty, starting with the beginner level “Great Jaggi” monster, the mid level new addition “Tetsucabra” and finally the new Advanced level monster, the “Gore Malaga”. You’re given a choice of 14 weapons, MH4 seeing the addition of two new weapons, the Insect Glaive and the Charge Blade.


You’ll be given a tutorial as you start to acclimatise you to how to hunt and some of the games new features, such as leaping attacks. If you find yourself at a different elevation to a monster, you can now leap and attack from it, delivering devastating blows. If the monster is your quarry or an equally big creature, you can now hang onto its back, stabbing it while hanging on for dear life as it tries to buck you off. A meter measures both your progress to breaking a part of the monster and the closeness to the monster bucking you off. Successfully hanging on will lead to a monster being knocked aside and having breakable parts smashed off, rewarding you with rare items.


The new weapons offer a very varied way to play. The Insect Glaive is a giant staff which you use to perform kung-fu style attacks but that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Each Glaive comes equipped with a Kinsect which you can aim and launch at the enemy, which will extract beneficial fluids from the monster. It will return to you and buff you, improving your attack, defence, movement and other helpful buffs. Similar to the long swords style of attacks, you’ll strike your enemy quickly, using the staff section of the weapon to vault yourself into the air.





The Charge Blade is another transformable weapon, much like 3HU’s Switch Axe. Starting as a sword and shield, you strike and build up a set of phials. Once they’re charged, you can unleash powerful phial attacks, unleashing your weapons hidden element via its Axe mode. The Charge Blade provided in the demo is the slime element, which makes it even more destructive.

New items provided include disposable earplugs, protecting you one time from the otherwise paralysing roars of bigger monsters, a tactic they often use to get free hits in while you cower in fear. The Tetsucabra uses its massive maw to use enormous boulders both offensively and defensively, hurling them at you or placing them to impede your progress. The Gore Malaga, a dragon-like creature, exudes the new “infection” status ailment. In trailers the Gore Malaga has been shown to infect other monsters and cause them to become frenzies. In the case of hunters, a bar will gradually raise the more you are struck by its attacks or by standing in stationary pools that the creature generates. When it reaches a full gauge, you’ll be unable to use recovery items. This is a crippling ailment, especially when the Gore Malaga can become enraged and hits harder and faster.


Visually, the franchise has never looked better. While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had gorgeous realistic areas, the arenas you explore in the demo are vibrantly coloured, from golden grass to bight red ruins. While you cannot check the name and abilities of your armour, all sets and weapons look to be more advanced weapons from the full game.

Released world-wide February 13th, take up arms, grab your friends and charge out on the hunt!


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